Driver Rescued From Submerged Vehicle After Crashing Off Road

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Don’t Drink and Drive. Driver Rescued From Submerged Vehicle After Crashing Off Road

Per CHP:

“Last week, Stockton area Officers Brown and Lee responded to multiple calls to 911 advising a vehicle had gone across all lanes of traffic and off the roadway. Initially, they were unable to locate the vehicle and began checking the roadway for physical evidence and were able to locate the vehicle partially submerged in the water on White Slough. Officers Brown and Lee could hear someone inside the vehicle, pounding on the right front window. Officer Brown removed his duty belt and boots, jumped into the slough, and swam towards the vehicle. Officer Lee threw Officer Brown her baton which he used to break the right front window and rescued the driver. Stockton Fire Department arrived on scene and used their crane and rescue basket stretcher to hoist the driver and Officer Brown out of the slough. The driver was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence. Stockton CHP would like to remind you to never drink and drive and always designate a sober driver.”

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