War Escalates Between Sanchez and Villapudua

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War Escalates Between Sanchez and Villapudua

STOCKTON- In a new development, an official complaint has been filed on the lame duck Assemblymember for Stockton/Tracy, Carlos Villapudua. who recently lost his election for State Senate along with his wife, Edith Villapudua, who tried to take his seat in the Assembly in a last minute switcharoo. Many people attribute their monumental loss to Motecuzoma Sanchez, the creator of 209 Times, who published a police report detailing how Carlos helped cover up an investigation into his younger brother Brando Villapudua being investigated for allegedly molesting his own relative who was 5 years old at the time.

Despite being a two term incumbent, Carlos and his wife Edith came in dead last even though millions of dollars from special interests were put into their races. Recently, Carlos admitted he was the mastermind of a failed restraining order on Sanchez in an attempt to silence 209 Times from reporting on his brother Brando. That restraining order was rejected by the court because Sanchez, who represented himself, proved Brando’s allegations were false and perjurious.

Carlos’ former district director, Xochitl Paderes, was fired by the Assembly after reports of illegal misconduct by 209 Times were validated according to a recent declaration by Carlos on behalf of Paderes in another lawsuit attempt to silence 209 Times reporting on her. In his declaration, Carlos snitches on himself and admits to directing his state funded employee to file the restraining order on behalf of his little brother Brando, essentially admitting to abusing his authority and misuse of public resources for personal gain.

That misconduct has now been reported to the State Assembly Rules Committee, which already fired Paderes. Sanchez stated, “Since Carlos likes paper trails now he’s got one of his own. Maybe him and his get-along gang forgot the receipts I have. It’s funny to me how people I know have told me to ‘be careful’ with him and how they’ve seen him use the system to harm people. Whatever. What I look like being afraid of anyone let alone some punks who need a step-stool to get their Lucky Charms from the cupboard. FTP.”

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