After 7 Homicides in 9 Days Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs Wants to Use Tax Payer Money to Pay Criminals to Behave. 

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July 5, 2017

Stockton, CA- After 4 homicides in as many days, bringing a total of 7 in 9 days, (including several more shootings, one targeting police officers) Mayor Tubbs finally makes a public statement telling reporters he wants to explore using tax payer funding to pay criminals not to commit crime.

He alludes to a controversial program in Richmond, CA which pays a stipend to criminals based on how well they behave per month. The less crime they committ, the more they are paid- up to $1,300 a month.

Currently Stockton has the highest sales tax rate in California due to Measure A and B which takes $27 million annually from the tax base for the purpose of hiring more police officers to fight crime and pay for the historic bankruptcy. Except after 3 years the promised number of police officers has not been hired and logistically will not during the time promised to voters.

Mayor Tubbs also alluded to Detroit’s Greenlight Project which forces small business owners to install security cameras to aid police and make them available after 10PM. What has residents scratching their heads about that plan is the fact that many of these shootings have occurred in broad daylight including today’s which was in front of a popular pizza parlor in traffic on one of the city’s main streets as well as days earlier at a park.

In December of 2016 as mayor elect, Tubbs told reporters that his “new plan” to combat crime would be Ceasefire. This statement was surprising considering the fact that Ceasefire had already been in effect during his council term since 2013 and is funded by Measure A. The Office of Violence Prevention was even created to oversee it, yet four years later they still have no strategic plan and violent crime increased every year consecutively since its implementation.

Meanwhile, after millions of additional dollars through taxes have been paid by residents, Stockton remains the second most violent city in California with its police department being the 5th most violent in the nation over the last 4 years; all of the recent victims (92% since 2010) have been Mexican or Black; the Office of Violence Prevention has no strategic plan; in the last 4 murders in the last 4 days not a single arrest has been made; and Mayor Tubbs urges that “overall crime continues to trend downward” alluding to a 1% drop in property crimes over the last several years.

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  1. Im glad I dont live in mudville
    anymore, but I have family there still. I think its obvious
    the shit they re doing isnt wrking! option 1:Can U say ” Martial law” Thats what its going to take to fix this fckin mess. option 2 : I guess these hard wrking tax payers are going to have to take care of it themselves? I kno this so called( Mayor elect) of this wonderfull waterfront city doesnt want armed citizens
    shooting back now does he?
    Maybe its time? it starts in
    local governmant? Can U say
    “Revolution calling”

  2. Are you out of your mind? These are NOT law abiding citizens with rational thought processing minds!
    WHAT are you trying to do to Stockton?

  3. Mayor tubs is and will always will be under qualified mayor
    .?⬇️sorry for my voice and vote i was wronged by listening and believing in false politicians

  4. Tubbs is outta his mind ..ceasefire program helped the gangs in purchasing more guns and now he wants to put money in their pockets.. we are all fucked. The SPD is going crazy trying to solve all the shit that’s going down and the pressure of it all is ruining how SPD should handle their cases.

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