Multiple Shooting Victims Reported at Gilroy Garlic Festival

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BREAKING: Video has emerged of people running for cover at the Gilroy Garlic Festival while gunshots can be heard in the background. There are reports of 11 victims. Video: Niah

Update: According to an eye witness, Julissa Contreras, who was close to the gunman when he started opening fire at the Gilroy Garlic Festival:

“We are okay! Mario, my dad and I were about 20 ft from where the gumnan started shooting ppl. He had a semi automatic rifle. He was a white male and dressed in dark green utility clothes. BDU style around late 20’s early 30’s. About 5 to 11 ppl were shot and/or killed and the gumnan was shot and killed by police in the head and neck. We’re hearing there was more than one person shooting. We saw one guy… Another guman may still be at large #gilroygarlicfestival”

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