Merced County Workers Share Anonymous Concerns Over COVID-19: Told “Get A New Job”.

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MERCED- Yesterday, April 14th, at the County Board of Supervisors meeting anonymous messages submitted for public comment were read aloud by staff. One of the elected Supervisors, Scott Silveira, had a passionate response. His message to county workers sharing their concerns and requesting to be allowed to perform work duties from home as other Counties are allowing as a means to stop the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus was “maybe you should rethink your line of work”.

Ironically, the staff member was reading the public comments submitted from the public because chambers of the public meetings are closed to the public as a result of the statewide efforts to stop the spread of the virus.

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  1. Awesome good message if we all had this kind of pride in our work we would be a stronger nation!! I have not missed one day or work as am essential employee. I stay as safe as I can but know this is what I signed up for!!!

    1. Absolutely not. You did not sign up to work through sickness and death, however it should be up to your employer to PROVIDE THE PROPER TOOLS FOR EMPLOYEES TO TAKE THE UPMOST PRECAUTION IF YOU MUST WORK. Even then, noone should be shamed for being concerned over going to work during this pandemic.

  2. So these people signed up to work in a hazardous condition with no help from the county? You are stuck in your damn office doing your job in your isolated area. You Stuttering asshole. If you really believed this situation was bad, you would actually step up like the a God damn leader and help get the seating requirement that are needed for those who HAVE TO BE THERE and allow those who can work from home, be home and be safer. Why were you getting all nervous with your pen clicking? Maybe because you know you are full of shit. Your risk is lower so you can talk until you are blue in the face and act all high and mighty but the moment someone gets sick in that office, you are going to tuck your tail and hide. Go ahead and put a job offer out to the public and let them know they have to be closer than 6ft from others, work in an area that most likely isn’t cleaned the way it should be constantly and supplies to keep you safe are not going to be given by the company… then see who the hell takes that job. I know for damn sure you wouldn’t. I hope to God you get what you deserve and are kicked outta the county. You don’t deserve that seat you snowflake POS.

  3. I would like to see the county supervisor who made that comment to work one week in the shoes of the people he’s telling to rethink their career. What a pompous jerk. Let’s vote this clown out next time he comes up for re-election. Pathetic

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