Man Caught Impersonating Police To Get Around Traffic

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Photo: Patterson Police Services

PATTERSON- On December 29, 2020 as two officers were sitting in traffic they noticed a vehicle driving around traffic with blue and red lights flashing. The following is an account of what occurred according to a statement released by Patterson Police:

“Funny Story… This grill does not belong to police car. Yesterday while two of our traffic units were driving home stuck in some traffic a vehicle with lights and sirens on started to come up behind them going around all the traffic. This vehicle happened to see another marked Sheriff’s vehicle ahead in the traffic so it immediately pulled back into traffic almost colliding with our traffic units. As it would happen this was not a vehicle associated with a first responder, but a person who had figured out a clever, but illegal way to get around traffic.

The person was arrested for impersonating a police officer and when the traffic units went to remove the lights from the grill of car for evidence they discovered the person had permanently affixed them to the grill. So the grill went as evidence with the lights.

In summary, please do not impersonate the police just to get around traffic and if you do do not permanently attach your fake police lights to your grill. It will catch up with you and we will take your grill as evidence”.

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  1. I just like the pretty red and blue lights and the siren is hooked up to my alarm so the neighbors can hear it 5 blocks away

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