Semi Truck Plows Through Cars In High Speed Chase (Video)

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SAN JOAQUIN COUNTY- A semi truck has been taking the CHP on a high speed pursuit since before 11am this morning and as of this post afternoon was heading south on I-5 towards Los Banos.

The following video shows the driver rookie through cars on I-5 SB near the 120 to Manteca at 11am. The witness tells us prior to recording, several other cars were hit.

UPDATE: The driver, who was seen at one point sticking his foot out the window, has crashed, rolling the truck over on its side and has been tazed and arrested in Los Banos. The chase reportedly started in Stockton between Benjamin Holt and March Lane exits when the driver sped past patrol cars.

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  1. My daughter and I were in the slow lane getting ready to get off Hwy 5 as the truck sped down the shoulder to the right of us just to get away from the cops, he almost side swiped us, as well as the truck in front of us and the car behind us. Thank God everyone was ok. I counted 4 Highway Patrol right behind him.

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