9 Shot,1 Stabbed, 1 Beaten into Critical Condition: Stockton Sees Another Violent Weekend Including Mass Shooting

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STOCKTON- With violence on a steady uptick since the begging of April, May is starting off even worse. The weekend before last saw 3 people killed in Stockton in as many days. This last weekend proved to be even more violent with 10 people shot, one stabbed, and more shot at. One man was killed in a mass shooting at the memorial for another man who had been killed at the same location just 3 days earlier on March Lane and Holiday Drive. It was the 3rd shooting st that location in as many weeks.

The following are the watch commander reports from Stockton PD highlighting the violence that now has Chief Eric Jones calling for outside help. The homicide rate is up 67% compared to the same point this time last year and 31 people have been shot in the city in the last 31 days. In addition to these incidents, another man is in critical condition after an assault yesterday being investigated by the sheriff’s office as it occurre in an unincorporated area of the city on Auto Avenue in east Stockton :

Watch Commander’s Night Report – May 4, 2019 


1. Weapons Arrest (1559), East March Lane and Hillsboro Way, Valley Oak District

Officers conducted a traffic stop and subsequently located two handguns, one of which was reported stolen. ARRESTED: Keyth Hart, 24, Raymello Brown, 24, Kevin Hart, 25, and Kamaryn Hart, 19, for weapons charges.

2. Person Shot (1630), Unknown Location

The adult male victim was asleep in an acquaintance’s living room at an unknown location in Stockton. The victim heard a bang and then felt pain, realizing he had been shot. The victim transported himself to an area hospital for treatment of a non-life-threatening gunshot wound. There is no suspect information.

3. Assault With a Deadly Weapon (1741), 1700 Block of Lucerne Avenue, Civic District

The adult female victim was in an argument with the suspect about letting her dog out of the house. During the argument, the suspect used a golf club and struck the victim three times. The suspect was located and arrested without incident. ARRESTED: Heather Hodges, 43, for assault with a deadly weapon.

4. Homicide (1944), East March Lane and Holiday Drive, Valley Oak District

Officers responded to the call location on the report of a shooting with multiple victims. Five shooting victims were located and transported to area hospitals for treatment. An adult male victim later succumbed to his injuries. Another adult male victim is in critical condition from a gunshot wound. Two adult female victims and one adult male victim are listed in stable condition, suffering from gunshot wounds. SUSPECTS: Unknown Black male adults, no further description.

5. Assault With a Deadly Weapon (2025), 700 Block of Bedlow Drive, Valley Oak District

The adult female victim was in an argument with the occupants of a black vehicle. The driver of the vehicle drove away, striking the victim in the process. The victim was transported to an area hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries. There is no suspect information.

6. Shooting Into a Dwelling (2114), 2100 Block of Stern Place, Seaport District

The adult female victim was at home when she heard a loud bang. The victim discovered that a window of her residence had been shot out. There is no suspect information.

7. Person Shot (0038), 1000 Block of Waterloo Road, Park District

Officers responded to the report of a person shot at the location. The adult male victim was found to be suffering from a gunshot wound and was transported to an area hospital for treatment of non-life- threatening injuries. SUSPECT: Hispanic male adult, 6’00”, thin, with a long black pony tail and dark clothing.

8. Robbery (0317), 400 Block of West Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, Seaport District

The adult male victim, a store clerk, attempted to stop two suspects from leaving the store with beer cans that they did not pay for. The suspects struck the victim and one suspect threw a can of beer through a business window, shattering it. The suspects fled in a white newer model Toyota. SUSPECTS: Two Black females in their 30’s.

Watch Commander’s Night Report – May 5, 2019


1. Weapons Arrest (1429), East Martin Luther King Boulevard / Hunter Street, Seaport District

A traffic stop was conducted on a vehicle being operated by the suspect for unsafe driving behavior, and a loaded firearm was discovered in the vehicle.  ARRESTED:  Rafael Manzo, 24, for traffic and weapons charges.​

2. Person Stabbed (1450), North El Dorado St and Morada Lane, Bear Creek District

The adult male victim was walking in the area when the suspect asked him for money. The victim refused and the suspect struck the victim in the face and pulled out a pocket knife. The victim and the suspect engaged in a fight until the suspect fled. The victim discovered he had been stabbed. The victim was transported to an area hospital for treatment of a non-life-threatening wound. SUSPECT: White male, age 30-40.

3. Weapons Arrest (1455), 500 Block of West Martin Luther King Boulevard, Seaport District

Officers were dispatched to the listed area to check for a recently stolen vehicle.  Upon arrival they noticed the suspect crouched adjacent to the vehicle partially behind a dumpster, while holding a gun case.  The suspect was contacted and was found to be in possession of a loaded and concealed firearm.  ARRESTED:  Jairo Rodriguez, 36, for weapons charges and outstanding warrants.​

4. Weapon Arrest (1514), Palm Plaza Drive / March Lane, Valley Oak District

Officers conducted a traffic stop in the listed area for a vehicle code violation, and subsequently located a loaded firearm inside the vehicle.  ARRESTED:  Corran Grayson, 29, for weapons charges and outstanding warrants.

5. Assault with a Deadly Weapon (1730), East Bianchi Road and Dorset Street, Valley Oak District

The four victims were driving through the area when the suspects fired a gun at her vehicle, striking it several times. There were no reported injuries. SUSPECTS: 5 Black males, age 19-20.

6. Armed Robbery (1800), 300 Block of West Park Street, Civic District​​

The adult male and adult female victims were approached by three suspects who asked for change from the register. When one victim opened the register to get change for the suspect, the suspect pulled out a handgun and grabbed cash from the register. The suspects fled in a U-Haul van. SUSPECTS: a Black male, age 20-30, a White male, and a Hispanic male, age 20-30.

7. Battery on a Police Officer (1927), 500 Block of East Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Bl, Seaport District

Officers contact the suspect for creating a disturbance inside a store. The suspect fled the store and went into a residence where he was unknown to the occupants. The occupants pushed the suspect out of the house, and he was arrested and handcuffed. After being arrested, the suspect struck an officer. The suspect was taken to the ground to gain control. The suspect was treated at an area Hospital prior to booking. ARRESTED: Joshua Salazar, 29, for resisting arrest, battery on an officer, and drunk in public.

8. Resisting Arrest (2304), 1700 Block of South San Joaquin St, Seaport District

Officers were investigating a Shotspotter shots fired call and located the suspect in the driver’s seat of his parked vehicle. The suspect was revving the engine of the vehicle and honking the horn. The officers attempted to detain the suspect and he walked away from the them and attempted to enter the residence. The suspect resisted arrest and a Taser was deployed. The suspect was taken to the ground and handcuffed. ARRESTED: Roberto Villegas, 30, for driving under the influence of alcohol and resisting arrest.

9. Robbery (2330), West Hammer Lane and Kelley Drive, Bear Creek District

The adult male victim was walking to the store when two suspects approached him and started striking and kicking him. The suspects stole the victim’s property. The victim drove himself to an area hospital for non-life-threatening injuries. SUSPECTS: Two Hispanic males, 20-30 years old.

10. Person Shot (2358), 8600 Block of Acapulco Way, Bear Creek District

Officers responded to the report of a person shot at the location. Officers found the adult male victim shot. The victim was transported to an area hospital where he is currently listed in critical condition. SUSPECTS: 5-6 Asian males.


On May 4, 2019, around 11:30 am, Stockton police officers were called to the West Lane area on a report of a man armed with a baseball bat who was acting erratically. Officers located the man on Castle Oaks Drive and Marlboro Court. Officers ordered the man to drop the bat which he did not. The man then advanced in the direction of the officers swinging the bat. At that point, one Stockton police officer fired his firearm striking the man. Medics then transported the man to an area hospital where he is in critical condition. Both the involved officers were ok.

The Stockton Police Department has invoked a County-wide protocol investigation into the shooting with the San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office and the State Department of Justice.

Suspect: Has not been identified yet. He appears to be an Asian male in his twenties or thirties.

Suspect weapon recovered: Baseball bat.

Involved Officers: 

Officer Jorge Andrade, hired in July 2013, currently assigned to the Field Operations Division. (Shooting officer)

Officer Bradley Miller, hired in December 2018, currently assigned to Field Operations Division. (Non-shooting officer)

Both of the involved officers have been placed on 3-day paid administrative leave.

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  1. According to the Stockton Midtown Community Watch (Secret Group) Admin and Neighborhood Watch Captain (Marci Mae Waller) who has strong family ties to SPD, The SPD claims it’s very RARE an innocent person is hit by gun fire. So I ask, why should SPD investigate these homicides since they already believe everyone hit by gun fire is guilty of a crime? SPD and Community Watch Groups are the Judges and Juries and according to them, all these people are guilty of something so they deserve to die. Let me know if you want a screen shot of her post. Also, here is the link to a murder attempt on my life which that I submitted online and the police replied back my report was “rejected and deleted”. I reached out to the Neighborhood Watch (on FB) They said “I have issues” and the FB admin closed my post and ignored the murder attempt on my life. I am a senior citizen and I don’t know anyone in this city, so why would all these people be complicit in a murder attempt on my life? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nrkJk9lWlE

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