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SUSD “inadvertently” hides Trustee President’s downtown store credit card purchase.

By Frank Gayaldo

209 Times’ “Operation WhiteClaw, Marijuana and Munchies” which is analyzing President Angelann Flores’ mysterious District credit card activity, is continuing to deliver several surprises.

Today SUSD “noted that the Wells Fargo statement dated December 1, 2022, was inadvertently not included in the email production to you on March 31, 2023.” SUSD oddly failed to mention they also “inadvertently” have yet to include an additional twenty nine missing district credit card statements as part of our public records request as required by law.

Amongst the charges listed on the newly released December 2022 statement, is $11.97 spent at the Discount Market in downtown Stockton.

SUSD has yet to provide an itemized receipt for what was purchased at this downtown location. (Angelann also spent $101.85 at Maria’s Cafe and $16.08 on an Uber ride during the same reporting period.)

SUSD has yet to provide receipts or documents explaining how these and numerous other expenses in question are district related as opposed to “personal expenditures”. We do know Flores was previously caught on October 13, 2022 for misusing her card at least twice for “personal expenditures”, which is expressly forbidden by state law and district policy. She was forced to pay that money back for still unknown charges.

We’re curious, what do you think corrupt and unemployed SUSD president Angelann Flores bought for $11.97 at the liquor store???? Your guess is as good as ours until SUSD actually provides the receipts as required by law.

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