Candidate Chris Rouppet Charged With Crime

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Candidate Chris Rouppet Charged With Crime

This morning in the San Joaquin County Courthouse, Chris Roupett was formally charged with a misdemeanor hit and run charge. 209 Times broke the story last month after learning that Rouppet crashed into three parked cars, totaling his own, on September 29 at 9:40pm. Despite being confronted by a witness, he fled the scene on foot, leaving behind his San Joaquin County government work identification card in the wrecked car.

According to our sources, and confirmed by the CHP report, Rouppet walked five blocks home. When the CHP officers went to his home and knocked on his door, they heard him inside the house cussing loudly. According to their own report they then spent an hour repeatedly calling him to exit the residence, which he refused.

Roupett reported to us that he went to the hospital and was diagnosed with a “head injury” and didn’t “remember anything”. When we asked him what hospital he went to, he refused to say.

He is adamantly denying drugs or alcohol being involved, even though no one made the accusation. He has not explained why he did not respond to CHP officers who went to his home and spent an hour demanding him to come outside while banging on his door.

His friend, SUSD trustee Angelann Flores was also involved in a hit n run two weeks before him. In that case Flores is accused by the victim of making an illegal turn into her car while at a red light, completely damaging the entire driver side of her car. According to the police report filed by the woman, Flores then took off after yelling through her window that she had to pick up “her son” from daycare. She has no son in daycare. The victim had to chase after her to the location when Flores got out and told her she didn’t have any car insurance and asked her, “so what do you wanna do?” Flores then offered to pay for her damage even through she’s unemployed according to her own campaign filing statements. She has yet to be charged like Roupett who is running for office to represent most of Stockton on the San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors.

This is a developing story.

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