Classroom Concussion: SUSD Sued After Video Shows Student Injured in “Classroom Boxing”

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SUSD Sued After Video Shows Student Injured in “Classroom Boxing” Match

A mother is suing the Stockton Unified School District after a video shows her son being injured in class. According to sources the incident was not an isolated one, but would occur regularly in the journalism class taught by Jason Brush. The video, which we’ve blurred out the faces of the students, shows desks arranged in a circle with two students wearing boxing gloves having an organized bout. During that bout, in which both students were landing significant punches to each other’s faces, one student, the Plaintiff in the lawsuit, is knocked back and hits his head on the corner of a desk. 

Footage of Classroom Boxing Match

The lawsuit, filed by Attorney Jerome Clay, states in part:


1. This lawsuit stems from an injury caused to Plaintiff due to the negligence of Defendants.  Plaintiff brings this action to get appropriate relief (damages) as Plaintiff has adversely suffered personal/bodily injuries, resulting in economic and non-economic damages as a result of Defendants’ negligence.”


13. Plaintiff was a student at EDISON SCHOOL.  In that capacity, Defendant SUSD had a “special relationship” with Plaintiff.  On December 16, 2022, Plaintiff sustained severe and devastating physical and emotional injuries while attending Mr. BRUSH’s 3rd-period Journalism class.  Mr. BRUSH allowed unsafe practices inside the classroom on multiple occasions resulting in a head injury (concussion) to Plaintiff on December 16, 2022.

14. Among other dangerous activities between August and December 2022, boxing with gloves, neck-smacking games, as well as Dodgeball, were allowed inside Mr. BRUSH’s classroom.  During one such boxing match inside the classroom, where desks had been moved into a ring-like formation, Plaintiff was hit by a classmate resulting in Plaintiff falling backward and hitting the right side of his head (behind his ear) on a desk.

15. Mr. BRUSH did not report the incident to the EDISON SCHOOL administration or other staff but instead allowed Plaintiff to proceed to his next class (4th period) without being sent to the school nurse to be evaluated and without a call or email to his mother Kila Johnson, informing her that her son had suffered a head injury.

16. A video of the boxing match was shared with Plaintiff’s mother, Kila Johnson, after the EDISON SCHOOL administration received the video, and a message was left on Plaintiff’s motherKila Johnson’s cell phone by the EDISON SCHOOL administration that they were aware of the incident.  By this point, though (after 3 pm), Plaintiff’s mother, Kila Johnson, had already noticed that her son was not behaving normally; his eyes were off, there was a knot on his head behind his ear, and he appeared to be tired, less talkative, and less energetic than normal.”

To add insult to injury, the teachers union, called Stockton Teachers Association (STA), is allegedly fighting to get the failed teacher, Brush, his job back. If true, this follows in a long pattern of the STA taking actions that have put SUSD parents and students in harms way, including campaigning during student drop-offs to re-elect Angelann Flores to the board of trustees despite her several issues such as child abuse allegations. Flores is now being charged with 4 felonies for theft from SUSD and insurance fraud. The current SUSD leadership (Kennetha Stevens, Sofia Colon, Donald Donaire) were all recruited by Angelann, supported by STA, and funded by Fritz Grupe and his Stockton Cabal. 

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