Clerks Stop Robber at Store Across From Police Station in Stockton

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STOCKTON- On Saturday July 29th at 2:44am an unidentified robber entered the 7 Eleven on 121 Center St across the street from the Stockton Police Station according to our source Deda who says he recorded the now viral interaction. At this point the strong arm robber began filling up a garbage with mostly tobacco products behind the cashier counter.

After verbal exchanges take place the robber attempted to make his getaway shoving a clerk. At this point the tables turn rapidly as the assaulted clerk grapples his to the ground and another clerk rushes in to defend his coworkers with a broom stick.

After pummeling the thief two dozen times with the stick, the robber gives up. Encouraged by the source recording the video, Deda, the robber exits the store. “I picked him up from the two employees whooping his ass and escorted him out. Saved his life”, says Deda.

According to Deda the police never showed up despite being directly across the street from the police station. That fact may be due to a dire level of staffing on the police department. Current City Manager Harry Black has failed to increase levels of sworn officers to the Stockton Police Department even as Measure A comes up to a sunset. Measure A is a sales tax passed by Stockton voters in 2013 that “promised” to use the nearly $29 million a year it brings in to increase the number of officers on the force. Proponents even used scare tactics saying of voters didn’t pass the tax, the city would descend into chaos and violence. Ten years later there has not been a single year when that promised was kept and the police department has one less officers now than when it was passed despite over $290 million being stolen from tax payers.
The full video can be seen here:

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