Dive Team Searching for Body of Student in Possible Drowning After Fight On Campus

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Fight Breaks Out On Campus at Stagg High, Dive Team Now Searching for Body of Student in Possible Drowning

STOCKTON- In another possible tragedy at Stagg High School, a Dive Team is currently searching for the body of a student who is believed to have drowned in the Calaveras River across the street from the school after running away from a fight on campus.

Several sources report that between 3rd and 4th period a fight broke out between at least three students on campus. As school staff rushed in to break up the fight, two of the students took off running and were chased across the street by SUSD police officers to the levee. At that point we are told both students jumped in the river.

After being hit by the extremely cold temperature of the water, on student turned back to the safety of the levee. The other one did not and has not been seen for over an hour at the time of this article. This is a developing story.

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  1. The Calaveras River is known as the River of Skulls for a reason. There are some deep holes under that water. In one spot across from Stagg there is a spot that is 22ft deep on low tide.

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