Dramatic Video Of Woman Arrested With Stolen Car And Children Inside

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STOCKTON- A dramatic arrest was captured on video yesterday as a woman slammed and children were removed from a car reported stolen. When zoomed in, the woman can be seen pulling her hands down away from the officer right before being slammed. The officers then approach the car at gun point as one child at a time is removed from it.

Per SPD:

  1. Resisting Arrest (1850) March Lane and Pershing Avenue, Lakeview District
    A traffic stop was conducted on a vehicle that had been reported stolen. One of the occupants resisted when an officer attempted to handcuff her. She pulled away and was taken to the ground. ARRESTED: Paige Harris, 24, for resisting arrest.

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  1. Maybe the stupid ho should not of tried to get away she deserves to be put to the ground. Not only that she needs a hole lot more doing that to those children.

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