EXCLUSIVE Interview With Hero Who Saved Child During Police Shooting

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STOCKTON- Motecuzoma Sanchez and John Moreno sit down with the hero who rushed in to save an 8 year old child from being strangled to death by his father Lance Lowe who has just murdered officer Jimmy Inn while he was responding to a domestic violence call.

He says his only concern was protecting the child and acted in the moment with zero regard for his own personal safety despite a gun being aimed at the suspect by a police officer just feet away. He, along with a woman in the neighborhood were also the first responders that provided aide as best they could to fallen officer Jimmy Inn.

We have agreed to protect his identity because he does not want attention to himself. He only agreed to speak with us because he only trusts 209 Times to deliver his story in his words and he’s a friend of ours.

His main concern is hoping the child is ok now and he expresses his condolences for both families.

Link to GoFundMe and 209 Times direct accounts to help his family relocate to avoid being reminded of the traumatic event and be safe posted here. He’s too humble to ask for help so we are officially sponsoring in coordination with the family. If making donations directly to 209 Times please write “Hero” in the notes:


Paypal: [email protected]

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Venmo: Direct to our CEO @motecuzoma-sanchez

Watch interview here:

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