Guns Down Local Celebrity Basketball Game a Success

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STOCKTON- Yesterday saw a sunny day at Panella Park packed with families, community organizations, and local vendors. SEMILLAS was on hand giving out free books as others made fresh lemonade and children played on jumpers and threw water balloons from Balloons Over Bullets amidst music and the comedic hosting of local comedian Dewayne Jackson.

SEMILLAS passed out boxes of books to children and their parents.
Fresh squeezed lemonade
Dewayne Jackson notifies attendees of free books

The day in the park, complete with a hosted bbq meal, was followed by a Local Celebrity Basketball game in the adjacent Arnold Rue Community Center. The audience in the gym was a full capacity and the game of Local Celebrities (featuring former NFL players, professional athletes, rap artists, and community leaders) vs the Stockton Hawks (featuring college players and Haiti Babii), an AAU team, turned out to be a great game that came down to the last minute with the older veteran local celebrities being edged out by the youthful and conditioned Hawks.

What looked to be a blowout at the beginning as the Hawks led by as much as 20 points, ended in a 5 point victory 86-81 as the Celebs battled their way back making for an exciting game.

Final Score
Both teams pose with organizer Mackalot Davis

The event was organized by local hip hop artist Mackalot Davis who wanted to bring the commmunity together as a means of countering the violence. Davis said, “What a great day for Stockton. The Local Celebrity Basketball Game and Park Day was a success…This is only the beginning”.

He plans to organize more events in the future and continue what he refers to as the Guns Down Movement. Also in attendance was recording artist Paul Brown whose video is currently featured on MTV and BET as well as surprise guest hip hop artist Haiti Babii.

Aaron Stallworth and Haiti Babii

Playing for the Stockton Hawks:

Haiti Babii, Tay, Livingston, Roman Livingston

Playing for the Local Celebrities:

Lavelle Hawkins, Tim Brown, Eric Crocker, Derek Graves jr, Devin Mays, James Newson, Larry McDonald, Chris Hicks, Purp Reynolds, Hella Stax, O’shalique Bass, Chris Cash, Bo James, Roman Livingston, Joel Stallworth, Aaron Stallworth, Raleek Brown and Motecuzoma Sanchez.

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