Known Embezzler Xochitl Paderes to Speak to Commerciantes Unidos Board

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Known Embezzler Xochitl Paderes scheduled to be speak to Commerciantes Unidos on Thursday Nov 2 as a guest speaker.

The agenda for the group that represents Spanish speaking business owners in Stockton has it on their upcoming agenda for Xochitl Paderes to be a guest speaker for their board of directors

Paderes is currently under investigation by law enforcement for embezzling thousands of dollars from a business associate in 2022. According to multiple sources we’ve interviewed directly, Paderes is also accused of alleged embezzlement from several veteran non profit organizations as well from Stockton to Tracy where she’s from.

Xochitl was recently terminated as district director of State Assemblymember Carlos Villapudua’s office in August around the same time the City of Lathrop requested the state Attorney General investigate her for operating a fraudulent “Lathrop Chamber of Commerce. “

In September she had to rescue a property she’s listed as an owner of, and where her mother lives in Tracy, from being foreclosed on by the bank after mortgage payments stopped being made since April of 2023.

In an investigation we conducted ourselves, she has been identified as being associated with more than 30 businesses in California, as the CEO and or Agent of Record, including some whom we spoke to who had no clue and reportedly never authorized her to represent them in such a capacity.

According to an eye witness we interviewed Xochitl has also been reported to law enforcement, including the FBI, for allegedly running an embezzlement scheme with Stockton City Councilmember Brando Villapudua to steal from his own campaign account. She has also admitted to being the author of the false allegations made in a failed restraining order attempt by Brando against the creator of 209 Times as an illogical attempt to stop us from reporting on him as an elected official.

It is unknown if any of the board members of Commerciantes Unidos are aware of any of these facts and allegations. This is a developing story.

UPDATE: This article was corrected to state that known embezzler Xochitl Paderes is only a guest speaker and not being appointed to the board of directors as incorrectly reported originally.

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  1. Paderes has a very ‘colorful’ history here in the Valley. She’s formed/run many ‘veterans charities’ that were, I firmly believe, nothing more than fronts for scamming money from the public to go into her pockets.

    I have no idea how she gets away with it. You’d think by now that business’s in the Valley would be aware of what she is…but they’re not.

    Maybe law enforcement will catch up to her…but from the her past I don’t put much faith in that happening.

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