Mayor Tubbs Ditches City Council Meeting For Personal Trip Out of Country…Again

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STOCKTON- Many residents were left wondering why Mayor Michael Tubbs was absent from last nights city council meeting. When they asked fellow council members they were told they also had no idea or explanation from the mayor whose few duties include chairing the meetings. For all intents he seemed to be a no show.

Roll call.

To try to get an answer for residents who brought it to our attention we reached to the mayor’s office on his official city email account and received and automatic reply that he was busy and an encouragement to instead email a link to his personal campaign website:

“Thank you for reaching out to my office. In order to ensure that your request is addressed promptly and effectively, please follow the instructions at this link.

Each week, we receive hundreds of emails, phone calls, and letters. My staff and I strive to respond to your messages as soon as possible, though sometimes our response may be delayed due to the volume of communication we are receiving. I want you to know, however, that your correspondence has been received and is being handled by my staff. We will make every effort to be responsive and will integrate your feedback into my service as Mayor.

If you are requesting specific department assistance for an issue with City of Stockton services, then please complete the appropriate Ask Stockton request to the best of your ability at

If you would like to learn more about the initiatives and issue areas, then please check out my website here.

I am grateful for the trust you have placed in me as your Mayor and I look forward to continuing to work with residents like yourself to improve our community together. Thank you for joining our efforts to #reinventStockton.


Office of Mayor Michael D. Tubbs”

This is concerning when considering government emails are subject to transparency laws while personal website accounts are not.

Nevertheless we continued our research and discovered that Michael Tubbs missed the meeting without even providing his colleagues an explanation to attend a weeklong TED Talk out of the country in Vancouver, Canada. While he is slated as a speaker using the title Mayor of Stockton, if recent trips out of state are any clue he will be promoting his “universal basic income” personal project funded by Silicon Valley millionaires, which has absolutely nothing to do with city business for which he was elected.

Michael Tubbs’ Tweet April 17, 2019.

This is not the first time he’s left a meeting early or missed it altogether despite cutting the frequency of meetings per month.

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  1. Can’t we as the people and residence of Stockton ,do anything about how our mayor is clearly not fit to be in office.?!! How long are we going to put up with his shit and lock ourselves in doors hoping we are not going to be the next victims. Stockton is turning into a shit hole …..fuck this. I’m going to save up and move the fuck outta here…

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