Mayor Tubbs/SUSD Trustee Angelann Flores Refuse To Answer Questions About Close Associate/Campaign Manager’s Rape Case

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Did Mayor Tubbs help his “lead volunteer” obtain a favorable plea deal in a UOP student rape arrest?

Dear Mayor Tubbs:
Sources are telling us that you allegedly used your political influence with Tori Verber Salazar to help Rudy Buenrostro-Corral receive favorable treatment in a criminal plea deal that is now the center of a huge controversy at SUSD. 
As you are well aware of, your associate was arrested for drugging and raping a UOP student in 2015. When Stockton Record reporter Jason Anderson asked you in February of 2016 about your relationship with Rudy Buenrostro-Corral here is what you allegedly said: 

“Tubbs said Buenrostro-Corral also was a member of University of the Pacific’s Community Involvement Program when Tubbs was the program’s coordinator and that he has done volunteer work with the Reinvent South Stockton coalition, which also was founded by Tubbs.

Tubbs said his relationship with Buenrostro-Corral was ‘a little nebulous’ and declined further comment.”

We have since obtained Mr Buenrostro-Corral’s resume.  Please review screenshots below.  Was he in fact a “leading volunteer for the Reinvent Stockton Foundation led by Councilmember Michael Tubbs  where we organize community events”?  If so, do you still stand by your claim to the media that your relationship was “a little nebulous”? 

We also learned from his resume that he was the campaign manager for your friend, SUSD trustee Angel Ann Flores.Ms Flores recently oddly denied taking Mr Buenrostro-Corral on SUSD campuses, which is highly disputed by photographic evidence and eyewitness accounts. 

According to public information officer Angela Hayes, “District Attorney Verber Salazar can categorically state that Mayor Tubbs has never asked her to look into any case.” 
Are you willing to go on the record and confirm or deny the District Attorney’s “categorical” statement, and/or would you like to make a statement clarifying your relationship with Mr. Rudy Buenrostro-Corral? 

Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation. 
Frank Gayaldo
209 Times 

What Tubbs told the Record
Tubbs election night party 2016
Tubbs and Buenrostro partying at bar in Stockton 2019.
Angleann Flores denying for parents she ever took Rudy to schools.
Rudy and Angelann at Montezuma Elementary.

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