Murder, Rape, Assault and Violent Crime Up Dramatically in Stockton

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STOCKTON- The police department has released its most recent crime data for the month of March. When compared to the same point last year the numbers reveal dramatic increases in violent crime, specifically homicide, while crime overall has increased 12.2%. This comes on the heals of an increase in shootings, the most recent of which was a mass shooting that happened in a bar yesterday which these numbers don’t yet reflect.

Source: Stockton PD

The mayor Michael Tubbs who campaigned on being the “only candidate to have a comprehensive plan to address crime” could not be reached for comment. He appears to be too occupied re-tweeting praise for himself about his promotion to give 100 residents $500 a month on behalf of Silicon Valley millionaires for researchers from an out of state university to “study” and gather data to use for later presentations they can charge for.

Last month when questioned about a triple homicide, for which there are still no arrests or suspects, he suggested Stockton needed more grocery stores while sounding and appearing “out of it”.

His Cash for Criminals program, an intern discovered from Richmond during a “google search”, went into effect last fall.

Such dramatic increases have not been seen since Stockton experienced record crime waves in 2011 and 2012.

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