National Study Ranks Stockton As Worst City To Have Thanksgiving

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Source: WalletHub

Residents wait in line for food two days before the holiday at the Emergency Food Bank, which was low on food donations this year. One of the categories measured was charity.

STOCKTON- A national study conducted by WalletHub compared the largest 100 cities in America and ranked them 1-100 from best to worst to celebrate Thanksgiving based on measurable categories including price of food, weather, and safety. Stockton was ranked last at number 100. Oakland came in at number 99.

According to Adam McHan, “To help Americans find the best places to go for Thanksgiving without breaking the bank, WalletHub compared the 100 largest U.S. cities based on 20 key metrics. Our data set ranges from cost of Thanksgiving dinner and share of delayed flights to volunteer opportunities per capita and forecasted precipitation. Read on for the winners, additional insight from a panel of experts, and a full description of our methodology”.


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