Police Investigate Driveby Shooting Across Street From Victory Park

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Police investigate. Photo: Carlos Villapudua

STOCKTON- Last night around midnight someone fired multiple gunshots causing police to tape the street off and investigate. Former County Supervisor Carlos Villapudua heard the shots as it occurred outside of his house. In a Facebook he recounted the ordeal:

“Today midnight a drive-by shooting in front of my house. From what the police tell me it was person shooting at another car. Very scary night I grabbed my daughter and hit the ground it was that bad. Our room and my daughter’s room faces the street. SPD are here now, 3 to 4 blocks Pershing Avenue are blocked and taped off. According to police one person was taken to the hospital. Thank you SPD for knocking on her door and checking up on us. About 9-10 rounds shot in front of our home, bullet casings are being marked off on the street. It was a very scary night. Just glad nothing happened to my family”.

Pershing Ave taped off. Photo: Carlos Villapudua

Police have confirmed two people were injured with one being shot and the other is undetermined if it was a bullet or shrapnel that injured them. SPD says the shooting was preceded by a road rage incident on I-5 when the victims exited on Pershing Ave and were shot at by the suspect who caught up to their car. The victims were treated at a hospital for non life threatening injuries. Suspect description: black male with bald head driving dark colored SUV.

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