Sheriff Releases Statement On In Custody Beating of Stockton Man

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After Incident
Booking Photo

STOCKTON- The San Joaquin County Sheriff Pat Withrow’s Office has released the following statement regarding the December 3rd claim by Servin that he was held down and beaten by three officers in a racially motivated attack:

Updated press release received by 209 Times at 12/4/19 at 9:51 am:

“On December 2, 2019 the correctional staff at the San Joaquin County Jail received Mr. Jacob Servin from the Stockton police Department. At this time Mr. Servin had no apparent visible injuries.

Mr. Servin was non-compliant with the officers during the initial phase of the booking process. Due to his refusal to cooperate and comply, he was escorted to a temporary holding cell where he physically assaulted jail staff. Preliminary reports state that Mr. Servin grabbed a female officer, reached for officers equipment, kicked an officer in the chest, and tried to bite staff. Correctional officers were forced to react to his aggressiveness in order to protect themselves and maintain the safety and security of others in the facility.

After the incident Mr. Servin was taken to a local hospital. The medical staff informed him of his potential injuries and he was uncooperative with them and refused medical treatment. The San Joaquin County Sheriff’s office has begun the Administrative Review Process and it is an active investigation at this time.”

We have also found a statement by another witness who was also in the jail during the incident:

This is the statement by Servin in his original post that has gone viral on social media:

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  1. The officers in that jail always find any reason to put hands on inmates.
    Some are more aggressive than others including the female officers and the nursing staff Are very rude.
    I had to write a report on a couple of them. I believe the report is a 602.
    There’s some Officers that invite the violence from inmates.
    I reported some incidents to internal affairs in San Francisco.
    I hope something is done because some inmates are just there to do their time because of their mistakes.

  2. Fucking disgusting piece of shit cops who deserve to get the same shit done to them how fucking retarded are these assholes who think just cus the job profession is a law enforcement officer they think they are better or higher of a human that they can do this shit to people unexceptionable you give the law and everyone who works in it a bad name that’s not wuat u are there for its a fucking job ur not better then anyone or more of a enforment cus of ur skin color you stupid assholes ur pathetic as fuck to even think cus someone else who is exactly the same same u maybe darker or lighter then and u think sense u arnt exactly the same shade that u can take on the role of enforcing pain onto someone do u even realize how fucking dumb as fuck and stupid you look? Over a fucking color of skin get a grip and take alot at how fucking retarded that is and who disgusting you are your mother’s should have raised you better and for u to be a cop is pathetic u give cops a bad name the profession is misused and is used for a power Trip ur supposed to protect and serve the community not withhold us beat and disgrace us over who’s skins the lightest your pitiful disgrace and derseve the same shit to happen to you you are no better then the shit on my shoe and what the fuck makes u think your better then any human after doing that shit to someone is beyond me your so sad and you will get what you deserve maggots get a fucking clue and get a hold of yourself and do ur job right your fucking idiots so disgusting and I come from a law enforcement family and u give this prossfession a fucked up name what a shame

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