Stockton City Manager Under Fire Once Again

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Stockton- Harry Black has come under fire yet again. Multiple sources have leaked to 209 Times that Black was once again nearly dismissed from his duties as City Manager in a recent closed door meeting amongst the city council. While the reason remains unconfirmed, sources believe it may have been related to possible problematic conduct. Questions were raised after Black allegedly made inappropriate and vulgar comments about an unnamed female executive official from CAL Water. The incident occurred at a conference earlier this year in Sacramento, in the presence of two City Council members.

According to on of our sources a council member confronted and scolded Black for his derogatory and misogynist comments, prompting an investigation into the incident.
The City Council did in fact hold a closed session meeting on March 1, 2023, to discuss Black. Sources say that Black narrowly avoided being fired, with a 4-3 vote in his favor. This is not the first time that Black’s behavior has come under scrutiny. He was forced out from Cincinnati for taking city staff, and asking the city’s female solicitor, Paula Boggs Muething, to go with him to a “gentleman’s club”. She declined. 

In November 2021, Black was investigated for creating a hostile work environment, and alleged harassment, primarily towards female employees. Sources tell us his job was sparred by a 4-3 vote.

Black’s alleged repeated misconduct raises questions about the City Council’s decision to keep him in his position. This newest incident has sparked outrage among members of the community members who are calling for Black’s resignation, citing his track record of inappropriate behavior.

The City Council has not yet make a public statement on the matter, but the incident highlights the need for more accountability and transparency when it comes to the behavior of public officials. We have reached out to the Councilmember believed to have confronted him, but he has so far refused to respond. This is a developing story. #stockton

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