Stockton Councilman Caught Using Fake Address is Running for State Senate

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Screenshot of Andrade’s campaign website. The glitch in his face was not created by us.

STOCKTON- City Councilmember Jésus Andrade has not made any public announcement as of the article, but he’s filed for a committee with the state and has a website up campaigning for state senate district 5, which includes Stockton, Tracy, Manteca and parts of Modesto.

Senate District 5

As a Councilmember he has been best known for getting an entire youth football team’s perfect season disqualified after it was discovered he used a false address to register his son to the team in north Stockton, despite representing south Stockton and Weston Ranch. Again on his new website he heralds how “proud” he is to live in south Stockton.

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Prior to being caught committing fraud as an elected official, he was fined by the state’s Fair Political Practice Commission for not disclosing income from a special interest that was also funding “Reinvent South Stockton” so he could campaign in the area of district 6 to replace his close friend Michael Tubbs in representing the district Tubbs was vacating to run for mayor.

His campaign platform mentions Keeping Families Safe, but he has offered almost no solutions for the violent crime that have risen while he’s been in office. Part of his message is to get tough on crime, but he voted to make the city of Stockton liable for the funding of and adopt Mayor Tubbs’ Cash for Criminals program called Advance Peace that pays suspected violent shooters a cash stipend monthly to “behave”. He’s also upset many residents of Weston Ranch by failing to act swiftly on needed traffic bumps to address the several pedestrians killed in the area because of poor traffic designs. Those residents are still waiting.

Other facts to know about Andrade:

  • He worked for President Obama’s re-election campaign, but switched party registration to Republican a month before running for city council to get $5,000 from a Republican group in Sacramento actively recruiting Mexican candidates to run as republicans as a way of trying to gain support in the state legislature.
  • He was part of the Grand Save Market fiasco led by “Reinvent Stockton” to illegally take away a property from a rightful owner and give it away to one of their campaign supporters Fred Sheil for his nonprofit STAND.
  • He ditched a city council meeting (1 of 2 all month) last month to host an event as CEO of the San Joaquin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce instead. Tickets were $75.
  • He refers to himself as Birdman.

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  1. You lie, cheat, take shortcuts, hide, lie AGAIN and AGAIN?!!!! YOU ARE OUT!!!! Any public official (paid with taxpayer dollars) should be fired,OUT immediately. I️ am so sick of rewarding those who break the law. Please give us all tax paying , LAW ABIDING citizens a break! Or maybe a cash reward???Birdman?!! Of Alcatraz maybe.

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