Stockton Police Arrest 17 Yr Old Who Shot At Them

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Gun found at scene. Photo: SPD

STOCKTON- Police have arrested a 17-year-old juvenile they suspect shot at police officers last night in the area of Airport Way and Market Street. On April 28th SPD conducted a traffic stop when suspect jumped out and fled on foot. As he was escaping he allegedly fired a shot at officers, missing them but striking a nearby residence. The suspect got away, but officers found a loaded ha shin and spent casing. He was arrested earlier today. It is not known if the suspect was part of Mayor Michael Tubbs’ Cash for Criminals program called “Advance Peace” as they do not release information to the public or cooperate with law enforcement. To be eligible for the program that pays a monthly stipend up to $1,000 and offers trips to Disneyland as a reward, a person must already be suspected of being involved in violent shootings. If police did not arrest him, the shooting at officers would have made him eligible.

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