SUSD President Angelann Flores being investigated for inappropriate relationship with former SUSD student. 

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SUSD President Angelann Flores being investigated for inappropriate relationship with former SUSD student.

A whistle blower inside Stockton Unified School District has shown us documentation that Angelann is currently being investigated after a complaint was filed concerning her inappropriate fraternization and political grooming of David Sengthay for several years while he was a minor student of SUSD. Sengthay has recently turned 18 so he can now be held accountable as an adult for actions that have included disrupting school board meetings, harassment of SUSD staff members and alleged involvement in a social media slander and defamation page against opponents of Angelann Flores.

The complaint alleges that Flores has been exploiting him for her political purposes for years while serving on the school board.

The complaint also alleges that SUSD is lacking an actual code of conduct for its adult staff against fraternization with students and minors like other school districts have as normal policy.

A simple online search of both Angelann amd David’s social media accounts corroborate the relationship with pictures of David being present with Angelann in several settings outside of school.

Flores is not a teacher of David’s and has had no reason to associate with the former student other than for political purposes as it appears from our investigation.

In several pictures we found David is the only child to be in photographs with groups of politically affiliated adults allied with Flores at private parties not related to school.

We’ve also been provided evidence of of the two at the Stagg softball field when she reportedly got into an argument with teammates of a student who was murdered by an intruder two weeks after she voted against revitalizing the district wide safety plan. Sengthay has admitted that Angelann privately transported him there even though he wasn’t a student of Stagg High.

Meanwhile Angelann’s own daughter has publicly stated her mother severely abused her. 

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