SUSD President Under Investigation For Felon Friend on Campus

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STOCKTON- 209 Times has confirmed that embattled SUSD board President Angelann Flores is also under investigation for taking convicted violent felon and gang member, Sammy Nunez to Stockton Unified elementary schools. 

The investigation comes after a whistle blower filed an official complaint against Flores, notifying the district that the visits not only took place (only at schools Flores is a trustee for) but that he was also given a six figure contract to provide services that have yet to be accounted for. 

Sammy Nunez was arrested in May 2021 by Manteca police who multiple sexual crimes against a child under the age of 10. During the preliminary hearing two additional victims also came forward.

In January of this year, the charges for Nunez were updated to reflect the sexual abuse against the child began at the age of 5 years old, instead of the previously reported age of 8.

Despite the high profile arrest and warning letter sent out to parents by former Superintendent John Ramirez, the SUSD trustee entrusted with the care of thousands of children, Angelann Flores has refused multiple requests for comment or to even condemn her best friend Nunez for his heinous crimes against children.

Instead she’s used her position to cause chaos and discord in the distrust and community, openly referring to herself as “the real gangster” during public board meetings.

Angelann is now under multiple investigations, which also include an inappropriate relationship with a minor student, David Sengthay (now an adult) who she was allegedly “grooming to do her personal bidding for political purposes.”

Angelann’s own daughter has also gone on the public record to proclaim that she was violently and psychologically abused by her. One instance includes the claim that Angelann refused to take her to the hospital after she was hit by a stray bullet while driving on Charter Way at 1:30am. She says instead she tried to just use bactine and a bandage.

Angelann remains on the SUSD board as president after winning re-election with 38% of the vote. She was endorsed, funded, and supported by the STA teachers union, CSEA 821 and 318, Lodi millionaire Fritz Grupe, and charter school proponent Don Shalvey. 

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