SUSD Student Nearly Beaten to Death on Campus

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SUSD Student Nearly Beaten to Death on Campus

STOCKTON- A Chavez High School student is lucky to be alive today after an altercation on school property yesterday during school hours. Multiple videos received by 209 Times shows the violent exchange that left a student with serious head trauma. We’re not going to show the video, but are instead posting blurred out screenshots in an effort to raise awareness about the extreme danger students are facing daily at Stockton Unified under the inept leadership of superintendent Michelle Rodriguez (last name by marriage) and board president Angelann Flores.

The video shows a much larger student pick a student up from behind, raise him over his head, and then violently body slam him on his head on the concrete. Despite the blow knocking the student out, the assailant then began stomping on the unconscious students head with his foot.

Luckily another student similar in size to the attacker pushed him to the ground to prevent more kicks to the head. It is a strong possibility that if he did not intervene at that point the unconscious student could have been killed.

That conclusion can be drawn from the video which shows the student who intervened to stop the fight, pick up the unconscious student from the concrete, but he could not stand on his own because he was having a seizure due to the extreme head trauma.

Thankfully the helping student carried the injured student to the school nurse and an ambulance had to be called to transport the victim to the hospital.

We have confirmed the attacking student was arrested.

What is especially concerning and highlights the failure of SUSD leadership is that at no point in time are there any Chavez High staff or security monitors, or SUSD police anywhere to be seen. The students themselves had to intervene and save the student.

What is also concerning is the status of the Superintendent Michelle Rodriguez, Board President Angelann Flores, and Chavez High Trustee Sofia Colon all being “Defund School Police” proponents.

In 2018 before she was elected, Sofia Colon advocated for SUSD to eliminate all SUSD police officers.

Superintendent Rodriguez again has refused to even notify Chavez High parents about the incident at all. She needs to resign or be fired. It is clear she is not equipped to be a superintendent in Stockton.

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