SUSD Superintendent Sued for Murder of Student at Previous School District

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SUSD Superintendent Sued for Murder of Student at Previous School District

Michelle Rodriguez (last name by marriage), the newest and 7th Superintendent of SUSD in just a few years, is named as a Defendant in a lawsuit brought against the last school district she left to come to Stockton.

As concerns rise with the growing violence affecting students including a student being arrested after nearly beating another student to death at Chavez High last week, Dr. Rodriguez has been silent. Now we know why.

As it turns out some of the very same concerns that are now being displayed at Stockton Unified School District, are also highlighted in the lawsuit against her and Pájaro Valley School District, where she was the Superintendent before being recruited to come to Stockton for more than $300,000 a year.

The move to eliminate the previous Superintendent Traci Miller and replace her with Michelle Rodriguez was undoubtedly a result of Miller catching SUSD board president Angelann Flores stealing money by using the district credit card for “personal purchases” and trying to hold her accountable as well as refusing to let Flores interfere in SUSD staff matters. Angelann Flores herself is unemployed according to her own campaign filings.

As Miller was pushed out, Rodriguez was brought in under the failed leadership of Flores and her enablers, Kennetha Stevens, Sofia Colon, and Donald Donair. Together the 4 of them control the board as a majority voting block, which Flores has been heard bragging about.

While Flores campaigned for re-election on issues like “Safety” as seen here in a campaign video paid for by Lodi millionaire Fritz Grupe and his conspirators, her top fundraiser, Flores voted against addressing safety concerns two weeks before a student was murdered on campus at Stagg High. Flores also was reported for taking a gang related violent felon to Merlo High, her best friend and convicted child rapist Sammy Nunez.

A message was sent out to parents mentioning “programs”. No mention of the lack of actual security witnessed in the video of the near death beating at Chavez. Students had to intervene themselves. Politics and failed leadership are literally putting children in danger.

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