SUSD Trustee Angelann Flores Has Epic Meltdown in front of Students…AGAIN

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STOCKTON- The Stockton Unified School District (SUSD) held its first in person board of trustees meeting since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic last night. Teachers and administrators were present. So were children who showed up for recognitions and ten Chavez High jazz band who attended to play a tribute to Wilhelmina Henry, the first Black teacher in SUSD history who recently passed away at the age of 102. None of that stopped SUSD Trustee Angelann Flores from having yet another public meltdown showing just how unfit she is to serve in public office.

The video of the meeting was recorded and is available on SUSD’s website. During the meeting while the board was conducting normal business she interrupted to ask if she can “address the mic” (she’s supposed to ask to address the board). President Cecelia Mendez obliged. Flores then proceeds to go on a tirade that she felt “unsafe” and was “shaking” because former SUSD President Silva was in the audience and had a lawsuit against her.

She tried to force the Chief of Police, Superintendent, and SUSD Attorney to “escort him out immediately”. The demand was rejected on the grounds that such a move would have been illegal and grounds for a lawsuit against the District. Seeing she was not getting her way, she began yelling at the Superintendent that, “I’m your boss” and that he should do what she told him.

Other Trustees attempted to bring the meeting back to order and bring sense and decorum back to the meeting, but were all interrupted by Flores screaming she was “unsafe” “unless he has business here”.

After attempting to force the issue with a disruptive temper tantrum and using terminology that had no application to the meeting such as “I’ll hold everyone here in contempt” or that she would “file harassment charges on all of you” (to whom?), she then tried to set up another illegal maneuver; to leave the meeting for “another room”.

Her demands were ultimately denied based on legal considerations. The SUSD Attorney told her a member of the public couldn’t be barred from a public meeting unless there was some type of restraining order.

A “restraining order”… much like the one Flores’ own daughter said wanted against her last year. She shared a story about how when she was a young child, her mother Angelann Flores, was driving her around Charter Way at 2 am looking for her boyfriend when she was shot in the leg. According to her own daughter, who wrote about the experience as a child for a school project, Angelann Flores just put a bandaid and neosporin on her gunshot wound instead of taking her to the hospital.

As the commotion was taking place at the SUSD meeting, an audience member then began yelling at Flores that there were children present and questioned why she didn’t “feel unsafe” around her friend and former employer Sammy Nunez, who is currently in jail now after being arrested for multiple sexual crimes against children under the age of 10 and 14. We’ve also reported in the past that Angelann Flores’ campaign manager and former mayor Michael Tubbs’ best friend, Rudolf Buenrostro, was arrested for raping a UOP student for which he pled guilty to a lesser charge of “felony assault”. Flores took Buenrostro around to SUSD elementary schools as a “motivational speaker”.

The SUSD Board President was forced to take a 10 minute recess. Angelann Flores is up for re-election this year in November 2022.

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