Teacher Who Labeled Student With Racial Slur Resigns from Lincoln Unified

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BREAKING: Teacher Who Labeled Student With Racial Slur Resigns from Lincoln Unified

Within hours of being posted on 209 Times (no other news source named the teacher or showed the slur other than 209 Times) Kelly Elizabeth Nordstrom resigned as a teacher from Sierra Middle School.

Superintendent Kelly Dextraze sent out the following statement condemning racism. However, Dextraze is the same superintendent who had a resolution brought to the Cabal backed school board on Wednesday night with Nordstrom’s name included as a teacher to receive a special assignment despite the incident being reported prior to that. She’s not fooling anyone.

Bravo to the parents who spoke up at the board meeting and demanded that the LUTA backed school board deny the resolution. LUTA is the name of the Lincoln Unified Teachers Association aka the teachers union. We sent out an email this morning asking for a statement from them and whether or not their garbage union would be protecting the teachers job. We received no response.

We remind the public that any and all members of LUTA and Stockton Unified’s STA teacher unions who have continued to endorse and campaign for corrupt board members backed by the Stockton Cabal (led and financed by Fritz Grupe), who even supported accused child abusers like Angelann Flores, are automatic targets of exposure for any and all wrongdoing. All information provided to us will be kept confidential.

We have already received several messages and documents of amazing stories that were swept under the rug like a Vice principal at Stockton Unified telling a class of 4th graders that she was going to “slit their throats”. Not only did SUSD acknowledge the incident occurred, but the Vice principal is still the vice principal! That story and more will be exposed here shortly.

It is our opinion that the teachers union of Lincoln Unified, LUTA, and the Stockton Teachers Association (STA) of SUSD, along with CSEA 821 and 318 have declared war on the students and families of Stockton by choosing their own self interests over the needs of the children and community. We will continue to expose and hold them accountable. One down. More to go.

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