Tour of Homeless Camp in Stockton Discovers Children Living There

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STOCKTON- According to the “Point in time count” conducted by the San Joaquin County Homeless Task Force, the city’s homeless population has exploded over 200% in just the last two years since its most high profile leaders, Chair and County Supervisor Kathy Miller and Mayor Michael Tubbs got elected and took office in their current positions. Despite those elected officials bragging about the Homeless Task Force acquiring over $50,000,000 in grants not much seems to have improved. In fact things only seem to be getting worse.
Several fires are breaking out each day in or around homeless camps with no sign of slowing down. As the weather begins to get colder the situation is expected to get even worse.
Many of the homeless camps near downtown have gotten attention because of their location, but not too much has been shown on other camps that have popped all over town and throughout the county. This morning footage was gathered of the dozens of tents lined up along the Calaveras River between West Lane and Wilson Way towards the Open Air Flea Market. During the tour a toddler was spotted wandering outside tents alone. We’re told seeing children living in the camp is a regular occurrence. The Sheriff was notified so his department could do a welfare check.

Mayor Tubbs and Supervisor Miller could not be reached for comment. They are both running for re-election and will be in the ballot March 3, 2020. Earlier this month Mayor Tubbs denied they request from the Director of the Homeless Continuum of Care requesting $400,000 for 100 more beds at the homeless shelter. Instead the homeless shelters were only given $200,000 out of a $3 million surplus. The cost of Tubbs’ two personal assistant that no mayor in Stockton has had before cost tax payers $300,000 a year.

Photos and videos from the camp.

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  1. Please get this family somewhere safe. This child can easily be sexually abused or taken in sex trafficking. Something needs to be done in Stockton. The mayor sure and he’ll needs to find a solution or get out of office.

  2. Why are you not calling all the supervisers and the State. City has no jurisdiction. What are your solutions. Are you helping or just wanting someone else to do it for you. This homeless problem is too big for one small branch of govt. It is going to take all of us to help. Churchs-empty schools-deserted businesses and us. We have to come together for all the young families being evicted because their rents were raised over and over again til they were advised to leave. Housing that is affordable for these young working families is the problem.

  3. This is behind my home….on the diverting canal and some located on the Calaveras River. I think the other portion is worse than this. Along the Mormon Slough that runs by Hazelton Ave. So bad over there you can’t even breathe the air because of the feces and urine stench. Stockton got a grant to help this people so lets see some $$ in action!!! Build a shelter on those old concrete slabs over there off Hazelton and house these people…give them showers and toilets so the urine and feces are not flowing down our water ways!! PLEASE!!

  4. I rode the Am Track and saw a man lying shirtless in a dirt hill. We are all God’s children and I want to help. I just don’t know where to begin…

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