“Unsealed” : Still A Mystery Why The Record Lied About Search Warrant On Angelann Flores

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“Unsealed” : Still A Mystery Why The Record Lied About Search Warrant On Angelann Flores

The nearly defunct Record is known for fake news, misinformation, and political propaganda on behalf of political/buisness interests known as the Stockton Cabal. Even Former District Attorney Tori Verber (whom they endorsed) publicly called the Record out on at least five occasions notifying the public of their fake news. Now two individuals who appear to be the only “reporters” they have left are being accused of fake news that may have put a witness in danger. Aaron Leathley and Hannah Workman, who apparently are so inexperienced they have to write articles together, co-authored an article claiming that the search warrant served on disgraced former SUSD board president Angelann Flores was “UNSEALED” when in FACT it was NOT. Now they are refusing to answer why they made that false claim and how the sealed document was leaked to them.

To confirm if the warrant was unsealed, we reached out to the Sheriff’s Office whom provided the following statement via Officer Heather Brent: “I believe there is misinformation. The warrant remains sealed.”

The article “Unsealed search warrant reveals why Stockton Unified board president was raided”, which hardly anybody read, was published on November 28, 2023 at 1:59AM, an unusual time to publish any article, only for it to be “updated” several hours later at 9:48AM. In it, several details were provided including information that Flores, whom SUSD parents and community members refer to as “Devilann”, had her cell phones and laptops confiscated and was questioned by deputies for hours; and that she is being investigated not only for theft of public funds, but also witness intimidation and refusing to turnover government documents. It also detailed the names of the law enforcement officers involved as well as witnesses who came forward to report Flores. One of them is former interim superintendent Traci Miller who detailed witness intimidation after she first caught Flores stealing money with the district credit card in October of 2022 before Flores was re-elected and selected by her fellow Fritz Grupe/Don Shalvey backed trustees Kennetha Stevens, Sofia Colon, and Donald Donaire who now constitute a board majority.

Another witness whose identity was revealed by Leathley and Workman reported Flores, as required by law, for “improper” “questionable expenditures” that were for “personal use.”

Miller left the district after she was not hired in retaliation by Flores for reporting her and not firing her political enemies and those calling out her misdeeds. However, the other witness still works for SUSD and the Record’s decision to out her as a reporting party in a search warrant that was still sealed (perhaps for that exact reason) was completely irresponsible on the part of Aaron Leathley, Hannah Workman, and their corporate parent company USA Today.

It’s been clear that both Aaron and Hannah have a bias in favor of Angelann. Their multiple articles about SUSD have made that clear they are acting as a defender and promoter of Flores. One clear example is this quote in their latest article, “It’s unclear if any of Flores’ spending violated the law, or school board policy. She may still be charged.” Actually it’s VERY CLEAR based on the multiple documents, emails, and receipts that SUSD has provided to 209 Times via public records requests that Angelann Flores has repeatedly and blatantly broken the law. The fact that any reporter pretending to be legitimate would question that after being provided the same information is evidence of such a gross bias.

When we reached out to Aaron and Hannah to ask them how they were notified by the San Joaquin Courthouse to pick up the search warrant, and who notified them, they refused to answer. 209 Times and other media sources put in the same request for the document so the fact that only Aaron and Hannah were notified is clear that they have an inside source that leaked the document. Any clerk working in the records department that holds the sealed document would know that only a judge can unseal a sealed search warrant. That never happened so why did Aaron and Hannah via the Record falsely report that it was “temporarily unsealed” when there’s no such thing? Are they trying to cover for their source or themselves? It’s clear they’re trying to cover for Angelann.

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