Was Black A Good Choice For Stockton’s New City Manager? Cincinnati Says “No Comment”

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Henry Black. Source: Michael Tubbs

Editorial by Frank Gayaldo

Mayor Tubbs posted that Henry Black was chosen to replace fired city manager Kurt Wilson via a “nationwide search.” So instead of the city finding someone capable here at home with a valuable understanding of local dynamics, the search led them all the way to Cincinnati.

“Black’s past shows a troubled public tenure, questionable private sector career, and paints a picture of a man who greatly desires power and authority, and dislikes those who get in his way.”

The full quote can be found here:


There are countless negative stories about Mr Black on the Internet, but as 209 Times critics often like to point out, you can’t always believe everything you read.

Something I hope most of us can agree upon: inviting a female subordinate to any bar, much less a topless one, during a city paid trip was an action likely to expose the city to unnecessary liability. Prior to that, multiple lawsuits were filed by employees alleging mistreatment. Mr Black himself got a $644,000 package to leave Cincinnati.

Is it reasonable to ask how much taxpayers will have to pay Mr. Black before his inevitable departure from Stockton? Is it reasonable to question Mayor Tubbs and the rest of the council (7-0 vote) if this was the best Stockton could do?

Our last city manager is suing Stockton for an alleged unlawful termination. Neither Wilson or Black are from Stockton, much less San Joaquin County. There isn’t anyone qualified that lives here that can do the job?

I spoke with a rather nervous public information official from the City of Cincinnati who oddly asked me to keep his name out of it. “We don’t want any of our own personal names or Cincinnati’s name associated with any of this”. I was willing to grant their wish in keeping his name out of it. Sorry Cincinnati, but like it or not, you are part of Mr. Black’s story.

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