Was the Registrar of Voters Convicted of Fraud?

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Was the Registrar of Voters Convicted of Fraud? 🗳️

Olivia Hale is the person in charge of elections in San Joaquin County. She is refusing to answer questions if she is the same Olivia Marie Fink who was convicted of check fraud in Arizona.

What we know for a fact is that Olivia Hale’s previous name was Olivia Marie Fink. That is actually the name she was hired under in 2018 to work for the Registrar of Voters. After a corrupt Registrar that 209 Times exposed was ousted and another one died during campaign season, Olivia became the newest Registrar in 2022.

When she started, initially there was hope the county had turned a new leaf with a person in charge that was transparent and neutral, and not under the control of the corrupt Stockton Cabal that once had a monopolistic stranglehold on local business and politics before activist Motecuzoma Sanchez founded 209 Times and changed the game. However, Olivia has since come under fire for suspicions that she was purposely trying to help her friends such as disgraced former SUSD board president Angelann Flores during a recall agaisnt her.

Her leadership was also called into question when it was discovered that Angelann’s former campaign manager, Rudy Buenrostro who was arrested for drugging and raping a UOP student and pled guilty to assault, and Nicholas Hatten who was charged with felony embezzlement from the San Joaquin Pride Center, were working on elections for Hale.

More controversy has now arisen with the current election as several candidates were kept off of the ballot while her friends have qualified. In one case a candidate who was running against a friend of hers, was deemed “NOT a registered voter” despite the fact that she is registered and had been since 2016.

Our investigations have found that in 2003 an Olivia Marie Fink with the same birthday was convicted of banking fraud. We asked Olivia to confirm if she is the same woman and she is refusing to answer.

A person in charge of something as sensitive as elections should be above reproach. If in fact Olivia Hale aka Olivia Fink, was convicted of bank fraud, she has no business serving as the Registrar of Voters for San Joaquin County.

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