Why Does Mayor Tubbs Continue to Disrespect Councilmember Fugazi?

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STOCKTON- In a recent post by Mayor Michael Tubbs, all seemed normal. That is until former Vice Mayor and newly re-elected Councilmember Christina Fugazi gave more context to the picture, like the fact that she was in the group pose and that it was actually her district’s event.

Mayor Tubbs’ post with Fugazi’s comment.

She seemed to laugh it off, but the issue appears to be much deeper. What it reveals is the lack of professionalism and immaturity consistently exhibited by Tubbs towards anyone who does not agree or go along with him.

Another angle from someone in the audience showing Christina Fugazi.

This has been a consistent pattern with him involving his treatment towards Black Lives Matter activists, telling a woman as mayor from the dais during a council meeting to “next time take your meds” as she was being escorted out on his request, blocking the public on his social media if they criticized him or his policies leading to a lawsuit in federal court for violation of the 1st Amendement by activist Motecuzoma Sanchez, and the re-opening of the Fair Oaks Public Library.

The library was shuttered for 5 years until efforts led by Motecuzoma Sanchez and his organization SEMILLAS, fought against city hall to get the funding allocated to re-open it. The library is in district 5, the one Christina Fugazi represents. As Vice mayor she led the charge on the city council to champion that cause. Michael Tubbs, despite advocating for a “Promise Zone”, which included the area of the library in east Stockton, voted every single time against its re-opening. Those involved believe as a vendetta.

The final vote to re-open Fair Oaks.

Not only did Tubbs vote against the library 5 times as a Councilmember, but when it re-opened he showed up to the grand opening with police protection, took credit for its re-opening, and refused to allow the microphone to be used by Christina Fugazi at her own event in her own district. He also refused to allow her the floor to present a certificate of recognition for SEMILLAS and the Stocktonians who fought to save the library.

Instead the group had to do a make shift ceremony outside with Christina Fugazi.

Mayor Tubbs would then continue his vendetta against Fugazi by supporting her opponent, Dyane Burgos, whom she beat to get elected the first time. He actively campaigned for Burgos against his colleague and donated money to her campaign in one of the nastiest smear laden campaigns in recent Stockton elections. Fugazi still won. And now despite Tubbs’ championing of a “women’s march” and his wife’s pet project “women’s survey”, he continues to consistently show not only disagreement towards, but all out disrespect towards his female colleague as well as the women of Black Lives Matter and the community at large who he openly mocks as mentality ill during council meetings.

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