Woman Drives Van Inside Restaurant, Runs-away, Hides, Returns When Pursued By Bystander (Video)

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STOCKTON- An unidentified woman drove her van completely inside of the Carl’s Jr. on Pacific Ave and Hammer Lane. Witnesses who saw the crash were then astounded to see her get out and run-away. They pursued her and found her hiding in bushes telling her to return, which she eventually did. Police are on the scene collecting evidence. The cause of the crash is unknown at this time.

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  1. How can she run like that… What if she hurt someone. I’m glad those people followed her n called the police. She needs to be held accountable.

  2. Congratulations To the ones that chased her thank you so much for being who you are every single one of you without you she could’ve got away this is terrible good for you congratulations you are good well

  3. Black lives matters my ass! What kind of behavior is this?! Black people always cause trouble. Why would she run away? It’s either she probably stole that car, had no driver’s license, or she can’t drive?! She could’ve killed someone else. This is reckless behavior.

    1. Please tell me wtf being black had to do with anything you stupid ignorant piece of shit….. you are part of the fuckin problem!

    2. Bruh the people who followed her when she ran were black too. What the fuck do you mean “black lives matters my ass”? They helped catch her you dumb fuck.

    3. You should ignorant as fuck, fuck the girl for running and putting others at risk but fuck you for being a racist asshole

    4. YOU RACIST ASS IGNORANT WHITE TRASH POS. LITERALLY IN THIS SAME VIDEO it’s a black or brown dude filming her, calling the cops, & getting her to return, which I assume you wouldn’t label “causing trouble?” HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY BE SO IDIOTIC?!? You’re a disgrace.

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