Woman Hit By Big Rig On I-5 Near Stockton In Possible Suicide Attempt

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STOCKTON- Yesterday shortly after 4pm a 43 year old woman sustained major injuries after being hit by a big rig on the side of I-5 going northbound. According to a statement released by the California Highway Patrol, witnesses say the woman parked her vehicle on the shoulder just north of Eight Mile Road. While the vehicle was stopped she stood next to it until a big rig approached and walked directly into the path of it.

The CHP describes what happened next:

“The driver of the big rig had very little time to react and swerved to the left in order to avoid the pedestrian. The pedestrian continued walking into the traffic lane and was struck by the right side of the big rig’s trailer. This impact threw the female into the air prior to her coming to rest within the number three (far right) traffic lane. The witnesses, along with several other vehicles stopped to render aid. The big rig came to a stop north of the incident. The number two and three traffic lanes were closed for approximately 20 minutes to facilitate patient care. The female was transported to San Joaquin County Hospital with major injuries.”

It is not known if the incident was an accident or suicide attempt.

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