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TRACY- More photos and video have emerged of the bear roaming the fields near Highway 4 and Tracy Boulevard. The video was taken August 28th and a witness says it’s been out there for over a month. They first noticed its tracks while working the fields and discovered it after harvest.

Video: https://youtube.com/shorts/-YuNxKu83YY?feature=share

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  1. California dept of fish and game should be called . He needs to be relocated to a nicer place with more food . Unfortunately more of this will happen due to the forest fires .

  2. I called the California Dept. of Fish & Wildlife was basically told they no longer relocate bears. If the property owners of where the bear frequents call them they will be given tips on how to discourage the bear from frequenting their property. If the bear becomes a nuisance they will issue special permits to put it down. They offer no other solutions. This doesn’t seem right to me. That bear most likely became disoriented due to the fires & the state Dept. charged with managing our wildlife doesn’t seem to want to help it.

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