Man Escapes CHP After Terrorizing Family on Road

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TRACY- Last night a local family managed to live through a very scary situation. We at 209 Times happened to be following the scanner as CHP chased the suspect through the Altamont Pass into the city of Tracy and then back onto the highway. In some instances the suspect drove in the opposite direction heading west bound on the east bound lane of I-205.

The woman in the car, Joyce Michelle, shared her experience on social media and wanted us to publish here as police have not caught the suspect:
“Tonight driving home on the Altamont with my boyfriend and my 2 young daughters a man in a white Honda Accord license plate number 7GHP857 was trying to run us off the road and make us crash into other cars. We did not cut him off, or do anything to provoke his behavior. The whole time on the altamont he was chasing us, getting in front of us slamming on his breaks, then got behind us and was flashing his lights honking at us. Even riding on the side of us revving his engine. Every time we tried to get away he would follow us and 2 times tried sandwiching us into other cars. For NO reason!! Yes we called CHP right away. It was the most terrifying thing ever! My kids woke up crying terrified! You POS I hope CHP catches you! And your a punk for staying in the car and taking off when you forced us to stop on the side of the road and my boyfriend got out. You could have killed my family and I or someone! Get it together people you never know who is in a car! Just because you see a classic fast car doesn’t mean you can mess with the person driving in it bc they just might have KIDS in the car! Your piece of shit Honda is no comparison! Drive safe everyone it’s just not worth it! End rant and please I don’t want to hear anyone trying to talk stuff either. Just beware of a white Honda Accord license plate number 7GHP857!!!”

Unfortunately the CHP was not able to get him due to the dangerous conditions for others if the chase persisted and the pursuit was called off.

The family described the individual to be a black male in his possibly late 20’s.

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