One of the Many Safeway Warehouse Workers to Contract COVID-19 Has Died

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TRACY- Last week we reported that several warehouse workers at the Safeway distribution center in Tracy were confirmed to have contracted COVID-19. Safeway released a statement only “confirmed one” worker was infected, but several sources who work there reported to us that it was no less than 9 as of last week with several more showing symptoms and being sent home. One worker told told us many suspect up to 50 may be infected in a workplace that has up to 1,800 employees. The Produce Department which was the epicenter of the spread was tapped off last week with so many workers out.

In a statement released by Safeway downplaying the severity of the situation, they said precautions were being taken after the fact such as taking the temperatures of workers as they arrived. However, a worker tells us there is a gap in time between when one shift arrives in the middle of the night to when management was conducting tests. Today we have confirmed that one of those workers to contract coronavirus, Pedro Zuniga, died yesterday. His family has launched a GoFundMe to raise funds for his funeral services with the statement:
“A little over a week ago we received the news no human on this earth wants. Pedro Zuniga, a loving husband, father, grandfather, and friend became infected with Covid-19. Last night, on April 13th, he lost the battle with the virus and now our family needs your help. No one wants to plan a funeral, much less durning a pandemic. This loss was beyond sudden and unexpected, so any single dollar put towards helping our family during this difficult time is worth the world”.

Not Safeway or the union that represents the workers, Teamsters 439, have released any public statements concerning the death of Zuniga or what changes have been made to ensure the safety of the workers. The Tracy distribution center supplies food and supplies to Safeways and other companies throughout noorthern California.

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  1. Que Dios lo tenga en sa santa gloria
    Y que Dios les de resignación a su familia por tan cemejante perdida descanse enpas
    Safeway co worker?

  2. Albertsons companies doesn’t care about their employees or their families. Their only interest is Their profit margin. They brag about how they donate up to 250 million a year to charities but they failed to provide adequate ppe to their employees. Their Corporate greed and doesn’t stop with that think about it this a FOOD distribution center. produce is used to make any of our home made meals the Tracy dc covers all stores from Fresno up to the Oregon state line and East to Fallon,nv. ( there are 16 stores in San Francisco alone) all these stores for the amount of time these infected individuals were allowed to be there without ANY preventative measures (no gloves, face masks, temp checks, hand sanitizer or disinfectant spray) could have passed that infection onto any of the product destined to these stores. Albertsons is anti union they do every micro aggressive thing they can think of to undermine the union contracts in place. These people who have sick ones all I can offer is my sincerest condolences especially to Pedro Zuniga and his family. Albertsons corporation does not shed a tear for any of them and if we all don’t stand together against this greedy corporation they will trample us and take away those who came before us and fought for the pay and benefits we have today

  3. There are around 20 or more infected selectors . As we keep working the number is growing. The people checking temperatures before we enter the warehouse pretend to be a rn but don’t have a license. Most likely they’re some sort of supervisor or new hire.

  4. my heart goes out to the zuniga family In my whole career with this company since Albertsons took over its been a shit hole ever since we just as of 2 days ago got masks but they let so many people in with out masks and gloves on that hover over us in our faces I really wish I didn’t need this job cuz I’m scared I just seen pedro not too long ago I opened the back door to get the load from him

  5. From me and my team at Amazon across the street we send our condolences & prayers for the family & friends and co-workers affected by this loss.

  6. My prayers and condolences go out to the family and friends of Pedro Zuniga. Who would of ever thought that something like this would come along at this day and age and pick us off one by one. Please be careful all!

  7. The so called washable mask that was provided this week is a scissor cut out from t -shirt material. I’m disgusted with This corporation! My husband is risking his life working there!

  8. My condolences Safeway should be paying for all funeral services. I work for Lunardi’s Market and they refuse to put up any shields for us they said it was not necessary. This company has been making ?percent more a day than they usually do on a day….. Greedy!!!

  9. In Menlo Park store( Sharon park ) was founded a employee with the virus !! And I can see people with out gloves and mask!! I ask one employee why she doesn’t wear a mask !! “We don’t have any more more mask she said”!! That’s sucks how people we called essentials doesn’t get the essentials tools for work !!

  10. My dad works for the Safeway Distribution Center in Tracy. He just updated me and mentioned that his department went from having 25 warehouse selectors to 6 because of how many employees were displaying symptoms and had to be sent home. This is cause for strike. These employees were working within close proximity of each other now that more folks were being hired to keep up with demand, increasing risk of contracting and transmitting. And now this dept is down to 6 selectors. What they need are safe working conditions, legit filtered masks, face shields, gloves, etc. Because ultimately, what gets on our food, will get to us. Take care of those that take care of us.

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