Parents Call For Removal Of Tracy Superintendent Who Posted Threats To Protestors

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TRACY- Parents were shocked to find explicit threats towards protestors against racial injustice and police abuse on the wife of their superintendent’s Facebook page. What made it worse was the husband, New Jerusalem superintendent David Thoming, made it more explicit by posting a drawing of a man (presumably himself) firing off a machine gun saying, “It’s what we’ve been prepping for…”. The comment thread was in response to this post:

Parents are now calling for his removal.

His yearly salary is nearly $300,000 per year.

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  1. I worked for this district for about 4 years. 7 months of those 4 years were spent in the district office working very close with these people. These comments that are coming to light are just the tip of the iceberg. They discriminate against special education students, students of color, and students that do not fit the traditional “country” way.
    If they do not like a staff member, they will find a way to push them out legally and quietly. I was demoted in February with no warning and no explanation. At the time I was 4 months pregnant and they showed no care or compassion to my situation. The only explanation that I received was that there were people who were “unsatisfied” with my performance. My immediate supervisor was always happy with my job performance and I’ve never received any formal complaints. I figured it was due to me not fitting their image and not sharing the same beliefs as them.
    Overall, this behavior is absolutely disgusting coming from people that hold this much power in shaping our youth. I hope that all of the students, parents, and faculties voices will be heard and justice will come.

    1. Earlier this year my high school student mentioned some things about him. I am completely saddened and angered by what has transpired. I am at a loss for words. My child is so upset they no longer want to attend DCHS All the all that effort and hard work and now wants nothing to do with Delta HS as long as this man is in charge

    2. I’m sorry to hear about that .. this just shows people true colors, and it disguising racists are working in the school’s district, and I hope they are remove because I’m unsatisfied with their choice of words and view.

    3. Tamika, were you there when I was teaching? We have some similar experiences. I would not send my child the this district and I was appalled at how employees were treated, I was NEVER compensated for mileage to meet with or test students, I had students in San Jose, Oakland and Sacramento.

      1. I was employed as an special education aide from 2016-2019. I was promoted to the High School administrative assistant to n August of 2019. Were you there during that time period?

    4. I worked for this piece of shit too… for 5 years!! I watched him protect a teacher on his DCHS staff who was accused of kicking a student, from another school, at a debate tournament the team attended!! They covered AND protected that “teacher”. I also watched them demote the rightfully earned valedictorian to salutatorian because they wanted the rightfully earned salutatorian to be the valedictorian!! It’s a dirty, dirty district from the board to the superintendent… but they’re all related so they’re only interested in protecting their own!! Good ole boys club is real!!

    5. Also known as, “Charter Schools have zero oversight and zero accountability.” They’re both a$$holes. And the fact that he has the gall to justify it as a “private comment?” Soooo … it’s ok to be a racist, as long as it’s in private? BYE.

  2. Hello, I work in Tracy District and this person is not our Superintendent. Please correct your statement of “Tracy Superintendent” because this is Not the same Superintendent that I know. Be accurate with your titles.

    1. David Thoming
      Superintendent of Schools

      Mr. Thoming has served as superintendent of the New Jerusalem Elementary School District since January 2006. During the past 11 years, he has led the district through unprecedented growth; mainly through charter schools.

        1. Earlier this year my high school student mentioned some things about him. I am completely saddened and angered by what has transpired. I am at a loss for words. My child is so upset they no longer want to attend DCHS All the all that effort and hard work and now wants nothing to do with Delta HS as long as this man is in charge

    2. It doesn’t say anything about Tracy Unified School district. It just says Tracy Superintendent. Delta and New Jerusalem are both in Tracy for you city folk who have no clue!

  3. I agree this is in poor taste considering his position. However, rioters and protestor are two different groups of people. He referred to the violent rioters claiming they were taking their malicious behavior into neighborhoods. Again, this is poor judgment but he has the freedom of speech just like anybody else. To presume this is meant for the protestors of racial injustice is jumping to a conclusion. The writer of this article also presumes the drawing is of himself. Not responsible reporting. Thoming should be allowed to make a statement regarding this before he is canceled. His wife’s response is pure stupidity and was incredibly unprofessional.

    1. You can interpret his comments any way you would like. The fact this man has posted a photo of someone actively firing a rifle and stated country boys like himself wait in trees for a reason to kill is reason enough for him to be terminated .

      1. If a student posted that picture of someone firing a weapon saying this is what we are prepping for. He would get a visit from the police or the FBI and a possible expulsion from school. This superintendent needs to go

    2. So it’s ok for him to suggest violence against SOME people, so long as he is specific about the difference between rioters and protestors?

    3. I am not excusing anyone’s behavior! People need to be held to higher standard when they are in a position of power!

    4. Stop playing Devil’s Advocate… you’re far too obtuse for that. You know full well what he was saying and it’s not those that respond negatively to your trolling that are missing the point. But then, you are missing the point intentionally, like a scumbag troll.

    5. He was referring to RIOTERS not protesters. If Rioters came to my neighborhood id be ready to fight bk too. Get your info rt!

      1. @Sensible individual, do you know the neighborhood you’re talking about? Because I grew up there. It’s a tiny farming community. Not even a town. No rioters are going to Vernalis to threaten David Thoming. Also, I’ve known him since I was about 10 years old and none of this surprises me in the least. He’s a big fish in a little pond and has always been a bully.

      2. Murdering people over property damage is illegal. Not very sensible for someone calling themselves “Sensible Individual”. Racists will make up any excuse to kill people of color.

      3. This is so ignorant. RIOTERS ARE HUMAN BEINGS. I am NOT REFERRING TO LOOTERS!!! But rioters are also partially protestors. They are sick and tired the racism and hate has taken place for SEVERAL YEARS!!! History continuously repeating itself. So people are pissed! Rightfully so. When we protest they wanna kill us! When we riot, they want to kill us. When we kneel they want to kill us. When we plead they mock us. Why even say anything? Has anyone seen any direct post to David Thoming and his family? He claims that’s why he posted right? When and where was he directly threatened? No where right?! Yet he and his wife threatened others! On top of that. “This is what they’ve been waiting on” . Their comments were ignorant. You have parents on your media. Sensor yourself. Say where you stand but also let POC know you’re standing with them. Make the distinction be known on what it is you’re referencing!!

    6. Let’s be clear: we are talking about the SUPERINTENDENT of a SCHOOL for CHILDREN in USA. It is unacceptable for him to make any references to violence in any manner, whether that be in a picture, text, or otherwise. This is utterly offensive rhetoric. How ignorant are you to dissect the semantics of this article and completely disregard the context? You should be outraged, and you should use your intellect for something that would be more beneficial to the public. Because the bottom line is: another powerful white man in charge of a public institution is vocalizing his disdain for BLM during a revolution for racial equity and perpetuating gun violence at a time when school shootings are at an all-time high! Egregiously, irresponsible!

    7. Fire him without a parachute. It appears him may have lost the confidence of the people he “serves”. Also the finger is to totally inappropriate‼

    8. Another White Supremacist clutching their peals saying, “He had no idea! You folks are just blowing things out of proportion!”

      “Malicious Rioters” as you call them are people committing property damage. You just told the world that you believe property damage is worth taking human life. You let us know you have no problem with someone killing another human being over breaking a windows. That’s not only sick, but illegal.

      Second, some of the “rioters” are people of color. So what you did is justify a White man murdering people of color over a thrown garbage can or or a dented car.

      Thank you for showing that racists will say anything to protect other racists.

  4. This man should be working for any school district . When you hold a position such as his , you must understand children’s safety is more important than your own political opinion . The language and posts on both he and his wife’s social media page display a premeditated plan to hunt and kill protesters, people of color and those who don’t fit the “ country boy” lifestyle . Please remove this man from his role and have him charged for his comments . This man literally posted a photo flipping off a camera, firing a large refile and used language that states he is ready to hunt and kill People of color and those who don’t share his political view points . For the safety of the community , children and school district please fire this man .

    1. You are racist for thinking rioters are people of color. Nobody mentioned a color at all. Assuming he was talking about black people when rioters are mentioned makes you a racist.

  5. Where they’re being expelled from school and when I say they’re being expelled from school I mean African Americans I mean lad Tino’s a mean hispanics children are being judged but at the end of the day we don’t honestly know what these teachers and staffs members are telling our children when we’re not around I’m just speaking for myself and I would not want anybody to be working with my children who has a spouse that is against standing up for what is right because that lets me know a lot about their character

  6. This world has no place for this espically in his position. If a child posted that the school would be in lock down and expelled or arrested.

  7. I attended and graduated from delta from 2013-2016 and I have to say this school during those years was a very good school, the teachers cared, the kids were highly less judge mental than a traditional high school (I transferred from kimball) country kids hung out with the jocks kids, jocks hung out with the outcast kids.. there weren’t normal cliques.. and the teachers went above and beyond. At the end of my career at delta you could see it falling apart, a lot of the teachers who cared had left leaving only a handful of teachers who cared.. and staff began to change along with the whole presentation of delta. This post and his comment definitely were uncalled for, seeing as that high school has active protesters..very sad

  8. People, WAKE UP! His response wasn’t to peaceful protesters, it was to the idiot rioters.
    READ IT, it says Rioters! There’s a huge difference.

    1. So it’s okay that he was making a credible threat against people that he and you disagree with their form of protest because it involves property damage… property damage warrants a death sentence now… so, do you think he is the type of man to pick just the specific people that are 100% rioters among the crowd, taking careful aim and being careful to not hit peaceful protesters… or do you think he is the kind of man to just unload a mag into a crowd because a few of them are being less than complacent and docile? Which one are YOU? You and they are all disgusting human beings.

    2. I agree. He never mentioned protesters. And all the people assuming he was talking about people of color, from the use of the word rioters, are racist people. I think the petition is racist as well. The petition assumes he meant black people when he mentioned rioters. Assuming rioters are black makes the petition racist.

    3. So it’s ok for a school superintendent to say that the best solution to ruffians coming to his town is to sit in ambush and shoot them? There are no other choices? No police? No attempt to defuse the sitauation? Get a grip.

  9. I don’t think that is him in the drawing. The nose is way too long and the character seems bald. I don’t see the connection

  10. Nothing will happen to him. The good ol’ boys club of vernalis will protect him. When one of the members of the board of New Jersusalem insures the entire Thoming family, there will be a blind eye turned.

    1. The Greg W that is making statements on this site, is not the Greg W that served on the school board 13 years ago. The Greg that I know is not even a member of Facebook, and yes he insures Thoming Farms, but is not a member of the district, and has not been on the board for 13 years. Whomever is making these statements, please stop the references to the previous Greg W who is no longer in this school district.

    1. And you are part of the problem of why the whole world is in the state it’s in right now. Go turn your blind eye to something useful… like staring at the Sun or something. Apathetic dullard.

  11. So it’s okay that he was making a credible threat against people that he and you disagree with their form of protest because it involves property damage… property damage warrants a death sentence now… so, do you think he is the type of man to pick just the specific people that are 100% rioters among the crowd, taking careful aim and being careful to not hit peaceful protesters… or do you think he is the kind of man to just unload a mag into a crowd because a few of them are being less than complacent and docile? Which one are YOU? You and they are all disgusting human beings.

  12. There is so much wrong with this article. I know this first hand as I have know this family for years. First the post in question is not directed to protesters for BLM but in response to the rioters threatening to come to country homes next. Two different things there. This image of “himself with a machine gun” was actually a gif. I mean you have heard of those right? Both Traci and David are great people! People that have done much for many people and have touched many life’s along the way. To smear them over what they would do to protect their home and what they have earned is insane. Let alone for someone to lose their job over it. If you choose to not enroll your child at the school that is your loss it will be an even bigger loss if he is let go. Mr. Thoming is a great person we actually cares for his students. He has left a huge impact on my life being my teacher for two years and his wife volunteered as a volley ball coach for many years. I can go on and on about how truly great these people are. Get your facts correct 209times before you try and smear another great family!

    1. Miranda you sound like you live amongst the crowd in vernalis. Fuck off. I grew up with the thomings too, and let me tell you this is all something that needs to come to light. David and his family are major pieces of shit.

  13. I was one of the first men to be taught be David Thoming. I served in Afghanistan, thank you David for your inspirational words and always having my back. I will always have yours.

  14. Community members are urging families to attend Tuesday’s June 30th board of trustees meeting in an effort to get the superintendent to resign. It will be held at 6:30 p.m. at the New Jerusalem Elementary School campus.

  15. Wow! He needs to go and his wife suggesting they will sit and wait in trees to kill things??!?! Horrible!

  16. If you are actually wondering if he is racist, he is for sure. I’ve been in delta for 3 years and I have seen nothing but racism and discrimination in this school against minorities. One time, the FFA students made jokes about “lynching” immigrants and he did nothing, but laughed about it. Another time someone wrote “I hate black people” in a classroom and he did nothing. He also made an African American student cry because of her natural hair. He does not care about students and don’t just go after him, his wife works there too, Christine White is an English teacher who always makes racist comments about students, and also for that Mrs. Poletti (something like that) who works in the middle school. If he stays there it would be a joke for the parents, the community, and the teachers who don’t support him.

  17. Just wanted to point out that the person commenting and agreeing with Mrs. Thoming on her “country boy” post, Christine White, is an english teacher at DCHS. This woman has made several inappropriate comments to students in her classroom, so seeing her support Mrs. Thoming’s violent post only further confirms that she should not be teaching high school students at all.

  18. If you get rid of Mr Thoming you get rid of the problem this school has and for once hold this Gentleman accountable which it doesnt happend at this district. Youre geting rid of the bigest bully in the school. Not only bullies staff teachers but also Your kids. My child no longer attends this school and its only because of him sweeping the problem under the rug. If the board really want to do somenthing about it. They should talk to the staff and kids that work in that school and ashured them that there coments will be private because Thoming is so vindictive he will fired every one that talks and doesnt come to his defence. This I can guarantee it. Thats how he has work for years. So an investigation should happend before he can even step foot back on that school. And his wife has no business in the school since she is not an employee there or is she?
    Because she is there almost every single day and manages many of the money and donations that go into the school why???
    And if nothing happend then the board needs to be replace next. Find out how this can happend or if its even possible. Every one has a boss to answer to keep climing the ladder until some one listens and actually do somenthing aboit it. #thiswillnotbesweeptundertherug

    1. Thoming is not the problem. The problem is they allow most of the rejected kids from other schools there. This has lowered the academics, chased good teachers away. There was a time there that kids had to dress appropriate. Now they where pajamas, slides, belly shirts, short shorts. All because if they are called out it racist. I if dont like it send kids back to there regular schools and see what happens.

      1. Because they used to interview kids and parents. Then they went to the money grab model and opened 8 schools under one charter. Enrolled anybody with a beating heart. Standards lowered.
        I was there and saw the change.

    2. @thiswillnotbesweeptundertherug
      You are absolutely spot on.
      Also countless complaints from staff students and parents about
      Ms. Whites racist, degrading, discriminatory, and hateful comments towards the students have been ignored for two years.
      The county said they do not over see charters but the CDE does. The CDE said to email them any and all complaints and attach whatever documents and/or photos people have.
      [email protected]

  19. David Thoming does not properly prepare students for college and or future. He promoted violence, with shooting classes and allegedly carried a pocket knife. Some teachers was not allowing God discussions, but allowing anti-God and political leaders hats, sign. That’s only if it’s in support of Trump. Allowing students to dress as Adolf Hitler. No compassion for minorities.

  20. I stand behind him and his wife. What ever happened to the first amendment. They have a rift to post what ever they want. Just like you guys do. At they post shouldn’t affect what happens to his job. The school district could have a heavy lawsuit against them if they wanted to go that way. Plus he shouldn’t loose his job just because his wife is get you with the rioters. Wake up America we are all being played. The Democratic Party is trying to decide us instead of being us together.

    1. Whatever happened to the first amendment? It’s still there but what you people seem to forget is that “freedom of speech“ only applies to government entities or officials.

      Anything you say in public forums, social media sites, or even here are all your own personal opinions and views. Hateful or not, you’ll be held accountable.

      The problem with this David fella is that he’s insinuating violence and he clearly voiced his opinion about a civil war and to divide this country. That’s clearly talk of treason and violence.

  21. I think all you people are taking everything out of context, he is the best superintendent in the world and all you haters need to shut the hell up

      1. Sorry what context is that? That it’s okay to have a superintendent that advocates for violence as the proper response to property damage?

  22. I’ve been apart of this school for 10 years as a parent and faculty.
    1) You can not get rid of him, he and his family own the school. It was given to him to run.
    2) Him, his wife Mr Tilton, Mr. Vierra and Amy Shute are these most unprofessional educators I’ve ever seen. I’m so glad they are being exposed. And for you who think it’s okay to be racist in private when you are a School district Super is totally asinine. Perfect example of privileged thinking. I left this school after giving 10 dedicated yrs and asking for nothing in return. All I received was ignored emails and unprofessional response adults acting like kids in a play ground. Again his wife has been starting shit for yrs. Well she opened her mouth a bit too much now David. You replied and hut send. You friends list don’t all support you. Now you are and want to be exposed for the man you are. And you are perfectly entitled to do so. But don’t blame rioters to cone to Westly to look for you.
    That was a coward move. Separate yourself and school. Take it down to the 20% of folks who believe what you do. Layoff all your friends and family.
    Keep it small and racist. We know you and what your all about now.
    You won’t go anywhere right. But I know and the many people who know you, know what you really are. A racist….. I’ve got so much more to tell but I will wait.

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