Sandhu Family Announces Plans to Build Logistics Hub, University, and Trade School in Tracy

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Transformative 1,500 acre project also includes VFW Post and commercial sites.

TRACY- Dhan Sukh, Inc. has taken the first step in the development of one of San Joaquin County’s most innovative projects ever: The GoldenState Logistics Hub – a proposed 1,500-acre development with a private university, logistics hub, a Veterans of Foreign Wars Post, and supportive commercial.

“We’re proud to announce that Dhan Sukh has submitted a preliminary application to San Joaquin County to begin development,” said Mani Sandhu, a mechanical engineer speaking on behalf of his family. “Dhan Sukh means ‘blessings and happiness unto you’ because this project is about lifting people up and that is exactly what the GoldenState Logistics Hub and University project will do. Our hope is to create a place where people can learn and earn. It’s about providing future generations a high-quality education – whether that be four-year degrees or trade school training – and high-quality jobs to compete in the future economy.

Community and elected leaders are excited about the potential opportunities the GoldenState Logistics Hub will bring to the region. Especially, the inclusion of 67-acres to build a new home for the University of Silicon Andhra (UofSA). The Sandhu family generously agreed to gift the 67- acres to the UofSA.

A private nonprofit, WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC) accredited University, the University of Silicon Andhra will now have the ability to expand to 5,000 students and 300 faculty and staff, provide Vocational Training, as well as Language Arts, Engineering, Business, Pharmacy, Medical and other degrees.

In support of the project, Asm. Carlos Villapudua said, “Having the University of Silicon Andhra make its permanent home here in San Joaquin County is a major win for everyone. It will provide a high-quality education to a broad base of students from underrepresented populations.”

“This will not only be a major boon for our region’s economy and educational community but help provide San Joaquin County and the Northern San Joaquin Valley Region as a whole with the educated, job ready workforce we have been seeking to cultivate for decades. I’d like to thank the University, Mr. Mike Sandhu, and the Sandhu family for their hard work in making this dream a reality,” Villapudua continued.

San Joaquin County Supervisor Robert Rickman declared his excitement for the potential new hub saying,” We live in a country where everyone should have an opportunity to receive a great education. Higher education and vocational training are a necessity to prepare our children for the future. Education, training, and investing in our future workforce will attract head of household and long-term sustainable jobs to San Joaquin County”. 

University of Silicon Andhra President Anand Kuchibhotla expressed his enthusiasm for the development and all the support it has garnered in the community. “UofSA is an inclusive and diverse learning community that provides an opportunity to the students to actualize their potential as scholar-practitioners and to contribute to their local and global community with excellence, professionalism, and integrity,” Kuchibhotla explained. “Being able to expand our high-quality programs on the 67-acre site will allow us to uplift underrepresented students and the community.

Dhan Sukh also announced today that they have selected Ridgeline Property Group, a national privately held industrial real estate firm, as lead developer for GoldenState Logistics Hub.

In response to the naming of Ridgeline Property Group, Sandhu continued, “We wanted a strong partner who could help us bring this project to fruition as we implement our future-focused vision for the community.”

In addition to the University and the logistics hub, the project will include 3 acres of land for the local Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post. VFW is an organization serving veterans who served in combat. In addition to UofSA’s 67-acre land gift, the Sandhu family also agreed to gift 3-acres to the VFW.

Chairman of the San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors, Tom Patti, was optimistic about the project’s potential saying, “As a new major economic hub with pathways for combat veterans, students, as well as the community at large; this project will create a spectrum of jobs that are perfectly situated to help us compete in the 21st century economy.”

The VFW now has plans to expand its services at its new home. These plans include new group therapy options in addition to the myriad of services VFW provides.

San Joaquin County’s veteran community is looking forward to all the new post will do to help those who have served our country. “Our combat vets have been without a home for quite some time in Tracy,” noted Bob Carpenter, Commander for VFW Post 1537. “The new post will be a place where they can be welcomed, heal within a community who understands them and have access to the services they need”. 

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  1. This is what people need see it’s called seriveing humanity doing something for whole humanity do something positive for all human society good luck to my bro Mike sandhu keep up with Great work your doing for all humanity God bless your family

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