Tracy Car Wash Transforming With Major Upgrades 

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Tracy Car Wash Transforming With Major Upgrades 

TRACY- The Tracy Car Wash at 2480 Tracy Boulevard is getting a big make over. Highlights include an upgraded tunnel, new machines, faster service, oil changes using Valvoline brand, converting hand car wash to Express Wash, Full Service wash and a complete detail center. 

“My goal is to offer the city of Tracy the ultimate car wash experience. We are modernizing our car wash facility to provide express car wash, full-service car wash, and a comprehensive auto detailing center. Tracy Car Wash has a long-standing history in the valley, and our objective is to transform it into one of the finest car wash destinations,” says Mike Singh. 

Located on busy Tracy Boulevard, the carwash has been a go to for years for Tracy residents servicing your average family and commuter cars to the high end luxurious. “We specialize in luxury car detailing, catering to a diverse customer base that includes commuter vehicles and even Rolls Royce cars. Our commitment is to provide the same high level of service to all types of vehicles because we believe that every customer is treated like royalty,” Singh says. 

Another new feature is an economic monthly membership. Tracy Carwash is now offering budget-friendly memberships starting at just $19.99 per month. These memberships include benefits such as unlimited monthly car washes, complimentary vacuum use (coming soon), and discounted prices for upgrades to detailing services.

“Since our acquisition, we’ve made significant improvements to our car wash facility. We’ve upgraded the tunnel with the latest brushes designed to be gentle on car paints. Additionally, we’ve installed a full-service vacuum system at the front to enhance efficiency. Express self-serve vacuums will be available soon. We’ve also revamped our lobby to provide a comfortable space for customers to relax while we attend to their cars, and we offer free Wi-Fi to make your wait even more enjoyable,” exclaims Singh with enthusiasm. 

It’s great to see more locally owned businesses thrive. 

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