San Joaquin County District Attorney Tori Verber Salazar and the Threat of Explicit Bias. Can She Be Trusted? 

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By Motecuzoma Sanchez

Stockton, CA- When District Attorney Tori Verber Salazar was elected in 2012 she promised to turn a new leaf for the county. 

Ever the politician, she made it part of her public image to reach out to the disenfranchised, primarily Stockton’s Black community which is 11% of the city, but has historically borne the brunt of San Joaquin’s criminal justice system and police brutality disproportionally. She attended events, made apologies, that all seemed so genuine and promising. At least it seemed. But as politics usually goes in Stockton perhaps they were just the photo ops and press opportunities they were suspected of being. 

In October Tori Verber hosted a Halloween party in which her staff dressed up as Snow White and cast with the dwarfs being used to mock the “Black Lives Matters” cause, all while simulating cocaine abuse as part of the “party”. 

A photo of this party was leaked to the media and DA Verber immediately claimed lack of culpability claiming she was “not in the room” when the mocking and cocaine snorting occurred. 

Going into full damage control mode she hired recently retired news10 Stockton reporter Tim Daly without posting the open position as it did not previously exist. 
In November she issued an apology and sent out this memo to her staff.   

However, in an interview with abc10 she still refused to acknowledge the full scope of her bias or involvement:

” Verber-Salazar said she left the room before the Dwarves Lives Matter skit, but was informed of the sign and took immediate disciplinary action. She said the skit is not reflective of the district attorney’s office’s feelings toward the protester movement.”
However, it should be noted for the record that not only was DA Verber in the room as the party was occurring, but she was a full participant in the show and an integral part of the cast. 
Her staff did not dress up in a hodgepodge of personal costumes, but instead they all dressed up as a different character from Disney’s Snow White, including the “Dfarw’s Lives Matter” seven dwarfs (in prison stripes) proving there was pre coordination and that she was part of it. She is the wicked witch that gives Snow White the poison apple (seen being held in the picture). I would say she plays that role well.
Was this some misunderstanding?That seems hard to believe once it’s considered how coordinate the skit was. It reveals a clear bias and mockery towards those she and her staff prosecute. A bias we have to ask, how it plays into the operation and functioning of her office and their pursuit of justice for the people? Even more importantly we must ask how can she be trusted as the top legal authority in San Joaquin County? She can’t. 

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