An Open Letter to Supervisor Kathy Miller Regarding Her Interesting Relationship With Multiple Embezzlers

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February 28, 2018

By Frank Gayaldo

An Open Letter to Supervisor Kathy Miller:

Many 209 Times readers have been expressing their dissatisfaction with your avoidance to interject yourself in the Swenson Park debate. Your explanation was essentially that it would be inappropriate for you to utilize your influence in a city matter.

Yet this very morning you were utilizing your influence to encourage no less than a Superior Court Judge to grant your long time associate and newly convicted criminal “Miracle Mimi” Nguyen leniency in what should have been a felony embezzlement case.  Your efforts appeared to have been successful. Miracle Mimi avoided State Prison, which by definition means she was not charged with a felony.  (Tori Verber Salazar knew she had to charge Miracle Mimi with something so the political favoritism wouldn’t continue to be so blatantly obvious.)

Many of our readers were surprised you would take a such a politically risky stance in an election year. They were shocked that not only were you defending a criminal, but by doing so you were boldly going against the desires of the business owners hurt by Miracle Mimi’s calculated actions. Some are asking 209 Times in private messages “Why would such a cold, sophisticated personality like Kathy Miller take such a political risk to benefit an admitted criminal?”

When it was first discovered Miracle Mimi was padding her resume with false degrees and stealing money from the Miracle Mile, rumor was that Miracle Mimi was able to avoid bail and an ankle bracelet (unlike former Mayor Anthony Silva) because of Miracle Mimi’s “juice card” with you, and your “juice card” with District Attorney Tori Verber Salazar.

Was today the first time you used your political or personal influence (not quite sure how you can separate those) to assist Ms. Nguyen in receiving favorable treatment from the criminal justice system?

As you know, you have quite the tangled history not only with Miracle Mimi, but also with embezzlement.

Here are two examples:

In 2007, Attorney Gil Somera (known for his ability to create miracles not only for Mimi, but helped Mayor Tubbs’ with his miraculously disappearing DUI) was defending yet another embezzler. Please read this excerpt from the 2007 Record article “Woman charged with defrauding Stockton Alliance”:

“Alliance Executive Director Kathy Miller reported the missing money to Stockton police on Oct. 12.

Boccoli has been placed on leave from the alliance, which promotes and maintains the downtown with a roughly $1 million annual budget, until the charges are resolved, alliance officials have said.

Miller said the organization has filed to recoup its losses through its insurance.”

Did Mimi ever work under you formally or informally at the Downtown Business Alliance? Were Mimi or you ever suspected, even briefly, of having anything to do with the $150,000 or more that was embezzled in 2007 under your watch? Did Miracle Mimi help you in any way fill out any insurance claims during that time?

Your second relationship with embezzlement involves your close friend Sheriff Steve Moore. You have yet to admonish Sheriff Moore for “stripping, selling and then purchasing guns of unknown histories and origins at substantial discounts”. Why have you been silent about GunGate, EvidenceGate and EscapeGate?  Is it true you are still endorsing Sheriff Steve Moore for re-election, even after Coroner-Gate?

If justice is ever even remotely served, would you also speak on Sheriff Moore’s behalf at his sentencing?

Your choice in friends and the topics you decide to weigh in on are interesting to say the least.

Yours truly,

Frank Gayaldo

209 Times

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