Federal Lawsuit Filed Alleging Sheriff Steve Moore Distorted Facts to Cover-up an Officer Involved Shooting

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By Frank Gayaldo and Motecuzoma Sanchez

November 30, 2017

According to CBS 13, at least one of the coroner cases that Sheriff Steve Moore attempted to influence, was an “officer involved shooting”. In addition to this claim, 209 Times immediately began receiving tips, including from a person close to the case who wishes to remain unnamed, suggesting that one of the coroner cases Moore allegedly attempted to illegally influence involved decedent Keenan Bradley, 21 years old of Stockton.

The Stockton Record’s November 2, 2016 article by reporter Joe Goldeen mentions an unnamed, off-duty San Joaquin County Deputy and “two masked assailants”. In the article an account of the incident is described by Stockton Police

spokesman Joe Silva:

““When the off-duty deputy was walking (from his car) through the parking lot, he was confronted by two armed suspects wearing masks. They pointed their guns at the deputy’s face. He did not know if he was being robbed, being carjacked or was being targeted because he was a deputy. So, fearful for his life, he pulled out his firearm and shot one suspect while the other suspect ran away,” Silva said.”

It’s also claimed by Silva that the gun found was reported stolen and not registered to Bradley and that the “mask was made of clear plastic”.

On November 3, 2017, in the US Eastern District of California a formal complaint was filed by Keenan Shun Bradley’s mother, Denise Bradley. Denise Bradley is now represented by Attorney Jeff Dominic Price of Santa Monica.

The complaint alleges that San Joaquin County Deputy Michael Knight wrongfully killed Keenan Bradley. According to the complaint, the decedent, “was shot in the back”.  The complaint further alleges “Deputy Knight was known to have trafficked in marijuana” and “did not provide medical aid”.  Keenan Bradley was a security guard, whom according to the complaint “was not known to possess or own a gun”.

The complaint alleges that the defendants, which includes Sheriff Steve Moore, worked in concert to “distort the facts, including falsifying the account of the incident and the timeline, to cover-up wrongdoing and negligent behavior.”

As has been widely reported, on November 27, 2017, twenty four days after the lawsuit was filed against Sheriff Moore who is also the Coroner, San Joaquin County forensic pathologist Dr. Sue Parson presented her resignation letter. She is claiming that Sheriff Steve Moore attempts to control and influence our professional judgement and conclusions. This ultimately undermines the overall competence of the Coroner’s Office in conducting objective death investigations for the county.” 

Dr. Sue Parson had began working for San Joaquin County just 29 days before Keenan Bradley was killed. (It is currently unknown by 209 Times who conducted Bradley’s autopsy.)

In Dr. Parson’s letter she refers to forensic pathologist Dr. Bennet Ifeakandu Omalu, who is her immediate supervisor. Dr Omalu became internationally famous due to the movie Concussion starring Will Smith that is based on the real life autopsy of former Pittsburgh Steeler Mike Webster, which led to the discovery of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy or CTE in NFL players.

In 2015, Dr. Omalu also testified in Shelly vs San Joaquin, a federal case that alleges Sheriff Moore maliciously destroyed computer and physical evidence in the Speed Freak Killer case. Dr. Omalu claims that he was deliberately excluded from offering any of his expertise, and deprived of all relevant information. Dr. Omalu is quoted as saying, “This isn’t how it’s processed or handled. There is an established protocol for processing skeletal remains.”  

Shelly vs San Joaquin is still in litigation, but San Joaquin County Counsel recently lost their latest legal attempt to squash the case. In his decision to deny a summary judgment, Judge Morrison C. England pointed out that Sheriff Moore’s testimony claiming he knew nothing about the day to day decisions at the Linden well dig site conflicted with assistant Sheriff Ruben Orosco’s claims that he personally briefed Moore on a daily basis.

One of our sources close to the Bradley case states that detectives notified the family that Bradley was shot twice, however their suspicions were raised by the funeral director who prepared the body saying that it appeared he was shot once, with an entry wound to the back and exit wound in front.

All questions and or additional information that could help with this case are being asked by the family’s lawyer to be directed to him.

Jeff Dominick Price

He can be reached at

310 451 2222 or at

[email protected].

A copy of the complaint obtained exclusively by 209 Times can be read in full here:

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