Lake County Gains The Medical Services of Dr. Omalu in the Midst of San Joaquin County Sheriff Moore Controversy 

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December 23, 2017

209 Times is the first to break that a contract of approximate $300,000 between the internationally respected Dr. Bennet Omalu and Lake County was approved on 12/19/17 by the Lake County Board of Supervisors in Lakeport, California.

When the Record recently asked San Joaquin County Chairman Chuck Winn about separating the Sheriff from the Coroner he answered,  “I know there’s talk about it. But this is way premature.”

Meanwhile the California Medical Association, San Joaquin Medical Society, sixteen local prominent attorneys, numerous protestors personally impacted by Moore’s alleged inappropriate behavior, and other members of the public have been asking for the immediate separation of the sheriff and coroner offices.

Many of the above, including 209 Times, have also been demanding an outside countywide corruption probe into both the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office and the San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office.  The Record’s Saturday edition shared Frank Gayaldo’s opinion on this sensitive subject here:

So far it appears the San Joaquin Board of Supervisors is satisfied simply “exploring” the cost and logistics of separation. The entire five member board has remained deafeningly silent on the subject of whether they would formally request an independent countywide corruption probe (or not) from the FBI and State Attorney General’s Office.

Meanwhile District Attorney Tori Verber Salazar is reinvestigating cases of alleged criminal corruption in officer involved homicides that she intimately was personally involved in. Barbara Steward, the heroic but emotionally distraught  ex-wife of deceased Daniel Humprey, whom was tased 31 times by CHP (despite Dr. Omalu originally being told he was tased only “twice”)  asked KCRA 3, “how can she {Tori Verber Salazar} investigate this? She is this.”

Watch Barbara Steward’s emotional plea for an independent investigation here:

Upon her recent resignation,

Dr. Parson suggested that if Dr. Omalu left also, that this would result in a “massive and wholly avoidable loss to the county.”  County officials have acknowledged that there is a shortage of qualified candidates and that the hiring process is lengthy.  Sheriff Moore responded  not to worry; private contract pathologists are readily available.

Dr. Parson immediately found employment with Santa Clara County.  Dr. Omalu, who resigned within days of Dr. Parson, has suggested both Dr. Parson and he would be willing to return to San Joaquin County, as long as the Sheriff’s Office was separated from the Coroner’s office.   In light of this new Lake County contract, that seems increasingly unlikely.

If Sheriff Moore does not resign beforehand, voters within all the city limits and unincorporated portions of San Joaquin County will have an opportunity to decide if they want Steve Moore to lead the Sheriff’s Office for his fourth four year term.  Whether or not the Sheriff’s title will include “Coroner” remains to be seen.

Details of the entire Dr. Omalu/Lake County agreement can be found here:

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