More Controversy From Sheriff Moore? Alleged Inmate/Deputy Sex at Jail

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December 27, 2017

By Frank Gayaldo

An open letter to Sheriff Steve Moore:

Various reliable sources have confirmed one of your county deputies was placed on administrative leave approximately one month ago for allegedly having felonious unlawful sex with an inmate. We are being told this information was purposely withheld from other line staff and the public at large. We are receiving conflicting reports regarding the severity of the crime, and are increasingly becoming concerned for the physical safety of the inmate victim. We remain hopeful the rumors that you took the victim to El Concilio for legal counsel are true, and will go a long way to minimize your own personal culpability in this alleged cover-up.

The deputy was allegedly assigned to the hospital/transportation unit and the female inmate victim was assigned to the G Barracks. Rumor has it this deputy had previously been disciplined for having sexual relations with a domestic violence victim that he met while taking her 273.5 PC report.

Please provide whatever details you can about this situation. We are fully aware of the Peace Officer Bill of Rights, and realize there are certain limitations as to what you can and cannot reveal.

Rest assured, like you, we know more than we are revealing also. You would be wise to answer this media inquiry in as open, honest and transparent manner as the law will allow.

Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation. That said, if we find out the inmate has been physically harmed or threatened in anyway, especially after our inquiry, we will take all appropriate measures to ensure you are held personally responsible for not appropriately protecting her.

Frank Gayaldo

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